Make Money Sending Text Messages: 15 Legit Ways to Get Cash Monthly

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Almost everyone owns a cell phone nowadays, and almost everyone texts on their phone.

Texting has become an easy way to keep in communication with people during busy days without having to write an email or make a phone call.

Send a quick text to remind someone of a meeting time and date.

Send over a picture of a grocery list to your spouse who forgot to bring it.

Some schools, doctor’s offices, and workplaces even allow texts to let them know if a child, patient, or worker will be absent.

When text messages first became a popular form of communication, they were just that.

People didn’t look for ways to have texts benefit them in some way, like making them money.

But the fact is that text messages have become so widely used that companies are looking for ways to use them to their advantage – and that could mean making you money!

Stop thinking, “OMG I need a job!” and start learning what you can do to make some extra cash in your spare time.

Making money by texting may just be the side gig for you.

Are ChaCha Texting Jobs Still a Thing?

If you’ve heard of people making money with text messages, you have probably heard of a company called ChaCha.

A few years ago, ChaCha was a popular service that allowed people to use texting to ask questions and get them answered in real-time.

It was kind of like a search engine for your phone, only there were real people on the other end that were answering the questions.

There were a few different jobs that people could take on, too, to make money by answering these questions.

In essence, as a ChaCha worker, you’d be making money with texting.

Some of the jobs included ChaCha vetter, expeditor, transcriber, and specialist.

Each job only paid one to a few cents per answer, so you wouldn’t make tons here.

But it was still what some people thought was a fun way to get paid to text.

Unfortunately, ChaCha is no longer around.

That’s probably because most internet users now rely on Google and other search engines for their answers to anything and everything, so paying people to answer questions on ChaCha was no longer necessary.

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So, if you came here looking for more information about becoming a ChaCha vetter or guide, you won’t find that here.

But we do have several other options lined up for people who want to get paid to text!

How to Make Money Sending Text Messages

The following companies are ones that you can use to get some extra cash through text messaging.


1Q is one of the first companies of its kind that allows you to make money with texts.

This one is somewhat like an online survey site but works through your phone instead.

The company will send you market research questions that help its clients learn more about their potential customers, their shopping habits, their likes and dislikes, and more.

When you answer questions, you can get paid via PayPal immediately instead of having to wait for a minimum payout amount like many survey sites make you do.

Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is a UK business that pays you to chat in a flirty way with other people.

We realize that this many not be for everyone, but it’s still a legitimate way to get paid to text if you don’t mind doing this sort of thing.

Although the site does allow its workers to do webcam and phone chats, you can also just chat through messages if that’s what you prefer.

You don’t necessarily have to flirt, either, although that’s the primary service this company provides.

You can also use it if you’re a business owner, psychic, or other professional that wants an easy way to chat with your customers.


Fibler is an app where experts can answer questions from people who want to know their answers and make money doing it.

You can also take phone calls, but you’re always able to message people directly by using the app to text.

Work only when you’re able to and get paid for the work you do.

There’s a process to become a Verified Expert, but you can get started by filling out the form on the website.


Fiverr is not specifically for paid texting, but it’s something you can definitely do on the platform.

The thing about Fiverr is that you can create your own gigs based on what you want to help people with.

So, if you want to help your customers connect with their customers through texting, then you can set up a gig for that.

You can also outline your pricing structure and create add-on services for extra money.

Flirt Bucks

Love flirting?

Then this one is for you.

Flirt Bucks is an actual company that pays women to flirt with men.

Unlike similar sites that require you to use the phone or get on camera, this one is all about flirting through chats, so you never have to show your face or voice to strangers.

You’ll need to be at least 18 years old to use the service, though, and you’ll need a reliable internet connection.

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You can use Hummr as an expert to chat with people and answer their questions.

Or, just be a friend to someone who needs another person to talk to!

You can set your rate for both texting and video calls, which the app also allows.


IMGR is a free app that pays you to use it for your text messages.

Basically, brands sponsor the app by paying to place their advertisements in your text messages, somewhat like a signature of an email.

You get paid in points for each branded text you send or receive.

The app selects some sponsors for you to start with but you can always choose ones that you feel are more relevant to you and your contacts.


Instacart is a totally different way to make money through text messages, but it could be an awesome opportunity for the right person.

If you love shopping as much as you love texting, then this one is for you!

Instacart lets you shop for customers that use the app or website to purchase groceries online.

You’ll go shopping and then deliver the groceries to the customer.

While you shop, you can chat with the customer to make sure you’re getting everything they wanted and the right quantities.

So, it’s kind of like getting paid to text!


Ipsyplates pays you to get text messages from sponsored companies to your phone.

You don’t even have to read the messages if you don’t want to.

Just sign up, get messages sent to your cell, and get paid.


You can become a paid expert on the JustAnswer platform and make money sharing your expertise with others through phone calls or chats.

There’s nothing stating that you have to make phone calls, so you can always choose to keep everything text-based instead.

JustAnswer takes experts in a range of industries, but you’ll just need to show some sort of proof that you’re an expert in yours.


The McMoney app sends you text messages to your device and pays you to receive them.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

The app is basically for research purposes.

By sending you texts, it analyzes how texts work with different devices in an effort to improve texting operations.

You don’t need to do anything other than receive the texts to get paid, though.


Text121Chat has job openings for chat-based customer service professionals who want to make money with their text messages.

You can sign up to start working with the company’s clients as a chat support specialist and get paid when you’re available.


Upwork is a site that’s similar to Fiverr in that it lets you work on a variety of different types of online jobs.

The difference is that you’ll apply to other jobs that are already posted instead of creating your own.

You can search for gigs that involve texting, like answering surveys or becoming a chat-based customer service representative, to find ones that pay you to text.

Upwork has an escrow system, too, that can help you solidify payments from your clients.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a middleman company that connects independent contractors with companies who need help with various aspects of their business.

Sometimes, there are text support specialist jobs available that you can sign up for.

Each job will have its own requirements as far as working hours and pay, but you can sign up for free to see what’s available.

Bonus: Start Your Own Customer Service Business!

If being at the mercy of another company, following their rules and pay rate structure, doesn’t sound fun to you, then you might consider starting your own customer service business instead.

This can allow you to partner with businesses that need your help providing text-based customer service to their customers.

You would need to get your clients set up with a text-based customer service platform, like Hey Market, to be able to interact with customers through texting.

Make sure you add in any costs you pay for that service with your service pricing so your clients pay for it instead of you paying for it.

You can charge clients a monthly fee, a per-text rate, or whatever service fees you feel make sense to you.

You’ll be in charge of when you work, how you work, and how much you make through texting!

Get Paid for SMS!

Let’s be transparent here for a minute: You’re not going to replace your job by becoming a texting expert.

The jobs above are more for getting some extra money every month and doing something fun while you’re at it.

Companies like JustAnswer and Working Solutions, which are meant more for experts than generalists, can potentially make you some decent money.

Some of the others on the list, like Ipsyplates and McMoney, are more for having some fun and getting a little extra cash while using your phone.

Still, this is one of those interesting gigs that we couldn’t help sharing with all you unique money-makers in our audience.


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