Are There Any Legitimate Work at Home Assembly Jobs?

Over the past several years, the job industry has experienced a significant change in its modus operandi, and this is can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the pandemic, most businesses adopted a gig economy sort of business operation where the employees could work from home. The spread of the virus might have significantly reduced, but more people are now adopting the work-from-home business model. This is especially very evident in assembly jobs. 

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Today, home assembly jobs are fast becoming one of the easiest ways to earn money while working from the comfort of your home. Several companies offer home assembly jobs, which are ideal for students, homemakers, retirees, and anyone who enjoys building and assembling different products. Despite the various home assembly opportunities, most people still worry whether these jobs are legitimate and pay well. 

This is probably due to the rising numbers of scammers, who are occasionally associated with the work-from-home jobs that regularly pop up on the internet. Such scammers have been making home assembly jobs appear risk-averse and most people tend to shy away from them. 

Thankfully, we have done extensive research and we will reveal several legitimate home assembly jobs that you can make money from at home. We will also discuss if home assembly jobs are a worthwhile venture and where you can find legitimate home assembly jobs. Read on to learn more. 

What Are Home Assembly Jobs And Are They Legit? 

It is quite difficult to give an exact definition of home assembly jobs because one has to deal with grammar, proof of concept, and knowledge experience. However, the best definition of home assembly is; any crafting job that you can do from the comfort of your home. 

Most of the companies that offer home assembly jobs mainly deal with crafts. These jobs can range from bookmarks to jewelry items, hair accessories, paper wrappings, and circuit boards to furniture. You can literally cover any crafting aspect in this category. First, you need to get a DIY starter pack kit and an instruction manual. 

Then you need to assemble the items as per the instructions and then forward the item to the company, which will accept or deny the product. However, for your product to be accepted, you need to know the reviews and ratings of the companies from websites like Better Business Bureau. Checking reviews from social media platforms and other websites should also help. While you can find numerous home assembly job adverts on various platforms, unfortunately, most of them are not legitimate. 

Unfortunate Number of Scams and Bad Reviews 

Usually, assembly jobs seem worthwhile on the surface. Most people seek out these jobs because making crafts is fun and fulfilling, and does not seem like a lot of work. Moreover, you can create your work schedule and work from the comfort of your home. However, many times, these jobs never deliver on what they promised. 

A bulk of the advertised home assembly jobs end up being scams or simply fake. This is simply a way for money. For starters, a legitimate company should pay you to work for them. They should never ask you to pay some money upfront to work for them. Sadly, this is what some assembly companies do. 

Usually, these companies ask for up to a $100 starter kit (which they market as a startup fee) to earn a position in their company. This is usually the first sign of a possible fraud scheme. The startup fee tends to be so high that assemblers have to take on a lot of work so that they can at least break even. Some assemblers barely even come close to getting it back. 

Even scarier, some companies solicit writers to write endorsement reviews to bait unsuspecting job seekers. Furthermore, the earning period takes longer than initially stipulated. Some assembly jobs, which would have taken at least 5 minutes, may end up taking up to an hour to complete in the same instance. 

Legitimate Work at Home Assembling Things 

Despite unsavory people looking to scam people of their hard-earned money, some opportunities exist from where you can earn money assembling different items. Here is how to go about it. 

Start a Crafting Business 

If your skills at assembling things are unmatched, why not start a crafting business? You can adopt a different idea depending on what you enjoy doing. One of the major benefits of starting a crafting business is that you can have control over your work.  

You can choose your daily wage in how you set your prices. You can even choose whether to work full-time or part-time and which type of items you are willing to offer your clients. 

Thankfully, several websites are available where you can sell your craft online. Some of the most popular sites where people sell their assembled products include Handmade from AmazonArtfire, and Etsy. To use these sites, first set up an account then upload quality images of the products you sell.  

Finally, make your products and ship them to your clients after the orders come in. 

However, running a successful crafting business takes effort and organization. You have to track all of your income, orders, and expenses. You also have to ensure that you provide impeccable customer service to give your craft business a competitive edge.  

This involves creating and managing an online profile so that your customers have no reservations about buying products from you. Furthermore, you have to upload professionally taken photographs of your products and respond to inquiries and orders on time. 

To avoid a run-in with the law due to taxes, ensure that you save up a portion of your profit to pay taxes. This is because all self-employed people must declare their income and pay taxes from the income. Starting your own crafting business may take time and effort, but it can be a well-paying home assembly job. 

Areas of Interest for Piece Work Jobs 

For a home assembly job to be successful, you have to figure out your area of interest. When it comes to making products, everyone has their preferred area of interest. Granted, the whole point of starting a crafting business is engaging in productive ventures, but finding where you will be most fulfilled is crucial.  

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Thankfully, there are many existing businesses you can collaborate with to start your own legitimate home assembly business. First, you have to find out what the offerings are and whether they suit your skills, needs, and preferences.  

Even more importantly, you need to find out if any advancement opportunities are present.  

Here are some areas of interest in crafting assembly jobs at home that you can choose from. 

  • Jewelry Assembly Jobs at Home 

Making jewelry is one of the most lucrative and fulfilling crafts in the fashion industry. This is because every fashion enthusiast appreciates a perfectly crafted jewelry item. So, if you are adequately skilled in this area, but do not have the workforce or resources to run a jewelry business, you can seek work-from-home jobs making jewelry. 

When you decide to take up this crafting venture, you might want to purchase materials and an assembly kit after your job application has been accepted. When all necessary tools are available, you can then assemble the required piece of jewelry and mail it to the company for inspection and approval. Once the company approves you, then you can get paid. 

In the U.S., many companies rely on remote assembly workers to achieve their business goals. Usually, they pay between $7.00 to $20.oo per jewelry item. They also offer the assembly personnel the opportunity for unlimited production. This gig is ideal for beginners because no experience is required to assemble jewelry at home. 

Furthermore, there are over 50 different ways you can earn money from this home assembly venture. You can choose from hair clips, beaded earrings, bracelets, or even elegant evening purses, among others. Some of the companies that offer remote jewelry assembly jobs include: 

  1. Artisan Corp. 
  2. Homespun 
  3. The Pin Jewel Company 
  4. Tongue River Bow 
  • Furniture Assembly Jobs at Home 

It is virtually impossible to find a house without any piece of furniture. Be it a simple couch, a luxury bed, or a dining table, furniture items help to add comfort to any home. Therefore, a furniture assembly business is a lucrative venture with a ready market. 

Furniture assembly jobs involve combining various components, fabrics, and materials to make a complete and functional furniture piece. Sometimes the assembler delivers the furniture components to a client’s home and assembles them into full furniture. 

For remote furniture assembly jobs, one usually makes the furniture or parts of it and mails them to the company for approval. The sales and distribution of the furniture will be the company’s responsibility. 

One way you can make good money in this category is by assembling 4 by 6 cloth and lace frames. You can earn as much as $112.50 per 25 frames. The company will even reimburse your supply expenditure plus an extra $5 for shipping when you mail complete frames. On average, the earning potential is $1,350.00 per month. The companies that offer remote furniture assembly jobs include: 

  1. Makin’ It Easy, Inc. 
  2. Northwest Craft 
  • Electronic Home Assembly Jobs 

The nature of electronic assembly jobs limits the availability of remote opportunities. Usually, the responsibilities of an electronic assembler are done at the workshop. However, you can still assemble electronic products at home and mail them to interested companies to be paid. 

As a work-from-home electronics assembler, your core duty will be to ensure that the assembled electronic components meet quality standards. After assembling the electronic products, you can then send them to the company for inspection and remuneration. 

Under this category, you can opt to make circuit boards that you can sell. This involves customizing a PCB board and ensuring the connections are well placed. You can get to build the design sent to you by the company or use your design. For PCB assembly jobs, each board can earn you up to $4.09. 

In addition, it will take you approximately 20 minutes to assemble a circuit board. Therefore, if you are committed to this craft, you can make good money in just a single day. Some of the companies that offer remote electronic assembly jobs include: 

  1. Electronic Laboratories 
  2. Microcontrollers 
  • Book Mark Home Assembly Jobs 

A bookmark is basically a marking item that is usually made from fabric, paper, metals, leather, plastic, wood, and more. Bookmarks are used to track one’s progress when reading a book. 

You can make some good money assembling handmade bookmarks from the comfort of your home. It is also a great way to keep busy while passively earning money. Nevertheless, for you to earn money in this category, you must provide quality work and pay attention to the instructions provided. 

Today, you can make up to $10.00 for every 40 bookmarks that you craft. Some bookmarks are made with three materials and do not require any sewing. The company can offer you the materials free and if they do not, they have a customer phone line for inquiries; they accept major credit cards and offer a great refund policy.  

Some of the companies that offer remote bookmark assembly jobs include: 

  1. Easymark Bookmarks Inc. 
  2. Rets, Inc. 
  • Start a Crafting Blog 

If you would like to share information about crafting with those who would want to learn from your experience, you should consider starting a crafting blog. The blog will be a medium of communication between you and hundreds, if not thousands of people willing to join your instructive class.  

The process is fairly simple, and it will help set the path for many others looking to learn the basics of DIY home crafting. Just register a domain or sub-domain hosted by any web hosting company that you trust. Then work on the website aesthetics and start delivering your content. 

Work for Legitimate Companies that Hire Home Assemblers 

Today, many businesses are increasingly outsourcing different aspects of their production duties to independent contractors. They look for independent contractors to help them assemble some items for their clients. Companies such as Amazon even have a branch called Amazon Selling Services that can help you spread the word about your products if you assemble them at home. 

Furthermore, when customers purchase items that need to be assembled, they can hire you to do it for them. Technically speaking, this is a legitimate work-from-home assembly job, but it is still business ownership. 

Essentially, you will be an independent contractor whose responsibility includes keeping track of income and expenses. Nevertheless, if you enjoy assembling products, you can work for assembly companies from the comfort of your home to legitimately earn money. 

Legitimate Companies That Hire Home Assemblers 

As the labor market continues to change, opportunities to work remotely have greatly improved. However, you first have to find a legitimate company willing to pay you to assemble various products at home.  

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Here are some of the most popular and legitimate businesses that hire home assemblers. 

1. New England Crafters &the Magical Gift Company 

This company offers product assembly services that involve over 25 items. Opportunities from the New England Crafters & The Magical Gift Company are limited to Canadian and U.S. citizens only. The products you can assemble for this company include glue guns, painting, sewing, and fiber projects among others. 

Their remuneration is also quite decent. For instance, in the first 30 days, you assemble for the company and get paid double the income. This includes a $100 holiday bonus for the productive assembler. However, you will need to contact the company for further details. 

2. Lisa’s Fancy Hat Sachets 

Do you have skills in assembling hat sachets? If so, look no further than Lisa’s Fancy Hat Sachets. All you need to start working with this company is to deposit a small amount of money for the materials to be assembled or your first inventory. This company also pays postage fees. 

On matters of earnings, Lisa’s Fancy Hat Sachets pays about $18.80 for every 12 sachets assembled. This is good pay considering assembling hat sachets does not take a lot of time. 

3. Hillcraft 

Hillcraft is also another legitimate business that offers remote assembly jobs for interested parties. Its signature product is the Butterfly flower, which requires no specialized knowledge or skills to assemble.  

Hillcraft requires its assemblers to turn in at least three units every week, with each unit capable of earning you about $114.50. This roughly translates to $3,409 in earnings per month. 

4. Makin’ It Easy, Inc. 

Makin’ It Easy, Inc. is a company that specializes in cloth and lace frame manufacturing. If you are interested in a remote product assembly position in this company, you will be dealing with the assembly of 4 by 6 lace and cloth frames.  

The company typically pays $112.50 for every 25 frames (one unit) completed. Furthermore, the company also reimburses you for the supplies you use in your assembly job. On average, this home-based product assembly job can fetch you up to $1,350 every month. 

5. Gussie’s Gifts, Inc. 

This company specializes in remote assembly jobs that include flower girl door hangers, and happiness bells, among others. The earning potential from this home-based product assembly is $1,350.The jobs from Gussie’s Gifts, Inc. mostly involve sewing loose pearls into place using thread and a needle. 

If you are assembling a dream catcher, you can earn around $120.oo per unit (20 bells). The instructions on how to go about the project are usually sent out by the company. 

Furthermore, the company expects its assemblers to turn in at least three units every week. For further details, you can visit their website or call them toll-free at the number provided on their about us page. 

6. EZ Mark-Rets, Inc. 

This is a legitimate home-based product assembly company that specializes in handcrafted bookmarks. EZ Mark-Rets, Inc. gives its assembly partners a total earnings of $117.50 for a unit of bookmarks with an additional $15.00 for supplies. Each unit consists of 35 bookmarks. The company expects its customers to turn in at least three units of work every week, which can fetch about $352.50 each week. 

7. Desert Design 

Desert Design specializes in home-based product assembly of no-sew glamour bows, no-sew princess hair ties, and no-sew gif box products. The process of assembling these products involves folding, cutting, and gluing.  

The company expects its assemblers to turn in at least four units of each product every week, which translates to about 36 pieces per unit. 

Assemblers are given a $100 earning per unit, which translates to a weekly pay of $520. They also offer an extra $20 to cover supply costs.  

There are many other legitimate home assembly work from-home jobs advertised on the internet, but the ones highlighted above are the most legitimate, and lucrative. You can choose to do them either full-time or part-time. Whichever your choice, these remote product assembly jobs offer a lot of flexibility in setting your work schedule. 

Check Job Websites in Your Area 

You can also opt to check for reliable and reputable job websites in your locality to see if any manufacturing companies offer remote product assembly jobs. Some metropolitan areas may have several home-based product assembly jobs but unfortunately, most of them require assemblers to work on-site. 

However, your town may be different and may have some remote assembly job opportunities that do not require you to travel to the job site. So, keep checking on websites such as Indeed and Monster to check for available home assembly jobs. 

Where Can One Find Home Assembly Jobs? 

The future of the recruitment industry is slowly but gradually going remote. Unlike a few years back when job seekers had to contact a recruiter or a company physically before applying for a job, these days you just need an internet-enabled device and a stable internet connection. Interviewing and hiring of prospective employees is now done online, and this applies to assembly jobs.  

Here are some of the places where you can find available home-based assembly jobs. 

1. Job Listing Sites 

With a few keystrokes on your search engine, you can access numerous Job listing sites that offer assembly job opportunities. These jobs can be found on platforms such as NextdoorZipRecruiterGlassdoorCraigslist, and many more.  

At least these platforms can be trusted up to some extent to offer legit home-based assembly jobs. However, be cautious when applying to any of the sites because some of them might be scammers looking to earn an extra buck through fraudulent means.  

Also, be careful not to give sensitive private information such as credit card info. 

2. Assembly Jobs on Mobile Apps 

Due to the proliferation of the internet and internet-enabled smartphones, manufacturing companies occasionally offer assembly job opportunities on mobile applications. You can find assembly job ads on apps like HandyTaskrabbit, NeedTo, and Thumbtack, among others. 

These assembly job apps can easily link you to work-from-home assembly job opportunities. For you to bag a worthwhile gig, the company requires assemblers to have the necessary tools and skills for the specified project. Ensure that you read reviews about the app and the company before accepting any assembly job opportunities from mobile apps. 

3. Sign Up Online 

You can also find remote assembly job opportunities by signing up online. These platforms promptly update interested assemblers on new job opportunities as soon as they arise. The most popular and trusted sites you can sign up for home assembly job opportunities are Etsy and Amazon.  

4. Amazon Work from Home Assembly Jobs 

Amazon is one of the biggest and most popular marketplaces for consumers, job seekers, business owners, and recruiters. Their website features a job section that allows job seekers and recruiters to connect. Moreover, there are numerous job opportunities on Amazon for everyone, whether you are looking for an on-site or remote job opportunity. 

If you want to get work-from-home assembly job opportunities, first start by logging into their website. You can then proceed to search for your preferred assembly job using the search button on their home page. You can also customize the job filter to make your job search easier. 


We all want an opportunity to earn money by working from the comfort of our homes that we see some job adverts through rose-tinted glasses. The work-from-home assembly jobs are the most advertised on the internet, and you have probably come across one in your work-from-home job searches. There are hundreds, if not thousands of them out there. 

Unfortunately, a bulk of the advertised remote assembly jobs are not legitimate. From receiving unreasonable workloads for meager (and sometimes none) earnings to an alarming number of scams, this industry seems to only prey on people desperate for work-from-home job opportunities. However, not all home assembly jobs are illegitimate. 

There are several ways you can earn money from home assembly jobs without spending a dime. You could start your own crafting business by focusing on the area of interest you are most skilled. After creating the products, you can advertise them or sell them on online marketing platforms.  

Alternatively, you can look for legitimate companies hiring home assemblers. You can confirm their legitimacy by reading online reviews from current users. You can also check for websites offering assembly areas in your area. If you are actively seeking legitimate home assembly jobs, you can find them by checking out job listing sites, or mobile apps. Alternatively, you can sign up online for curate notifications when a job opportunity pops up.  

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