35+ Work at Home Phone Sales Jobs Paying Base plus Commission

Since most sales positions can be done virtually, more and more people are getting interested in them. If you are such a person, there are several companies you can contact to find the best work from home phone sales jobs.  

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Currently, companies can successfully conduct meetings online. This means they save money associated with the traveling of sales professionals.  

According to a survey by salary.com, sales representatives with approximately 4 – 7 years of experience can earn six figures a year. With this in mind, those with minimal experience can easily earn about $50,000 a year. The good news is most of these positions are remote meaning they can be done at home.  

Launching your remote or phone sales jobs isn’t hard with the right information. We have come up with more than 35 companies you can use to find the right fit. The positions range from senior and executive levels to entry levels. 

Best Work from Home Sales Job Companies 

The information below will help you find a phone sales job that suits your needs. We have included a little information about the company hiring and the positions open.  

1. United Health Group 

This is one of the most diversified healthcare companies in the United States. Being the umbrella organization for United Healthcare, it offers various benefits such as health and insurance coverage. They also offer information-enabled and technology health services.  

United Health Group has been awarded several awards for work in the healthcare field and workplace culture. If you are familiar with such fields, then this is the company for your remote phone sales job. The common open positions include: 

  • Sales Implementation Manager 
  • Senior Recruiter 

2. HubSpot 

This is an industry-leading sales and inbound marketing platform. That said, HubSpot offers services, support, and software to clients in almost 100 countries.  

The company specializes in analytics and reporting, marketing automation, blogging, email marketing. It also offers social media publishing and monitoring, search engine optimization, and website content management.  

If this is your cup of tea, you can contact HubSpot to inquire about the remote positions they have. Usually, they have positions in: 

  • Enterprise Account Executive 
  • Sales Operations Manager 

3. Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Thermo Fisher Scientific has been in business for approximately 120 years. It’s a global biotechnology product development company.  

The company strives to assist its clients to increase laboratory productivity, delivering medicines to the market. Also they improve patient diagnostics, solve complex analytical challenges, and accelerate life science research.  

To keep the company successful and growing, they are often looking for remote workers to fill in these positions. Phone sales positions that may interest you include: 

  • Senior Export Sales Account Manager 
  • Application Specialist for Sales Support 

4. Salesforce 

The Salesforce platform provides businesses with customer relationship management software tools. This ensures that the businesses manage their sales. They hire remote employees for internal positions in a bid to manage their B2B accounts. 

Apart from hiring remote sales professionals, the company also hires sales accountants and account executives. They also have positions for administrators.  

To work for Salesforce you need some experience and/or knowledge of software applications. You’ll also need to upsell services, answer questions, and educate clients where applicable.  

5. Concentrix 

Concentrix provides digital technology and business services. They are designed to ensure a company improves its operations. They are often looking for home-based services and sales representatives.  

These are positions where you are required to promote their services. Concentrix prefers to use remote workers instead of call centers.  

As a remote employee of Concentrix, you will be getting calls rerouted to your phone. You will be a customer support assistant to ensure their clients get the support they need. Part of your job will be to convince clients to try new services and renew their contracts.  

You will need a GED or high school diploma to apply. You also need at least a year’s experience in customer service or sales.  

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6. Cali Bamboo 

In this company, you get to be a sales customer support representative. You will be required to educate clients about environmentally sustainable bamboo building materials and products.  

As a Cali Bamboo home sales representative, you will be given the contact information of qualified leads. You will need to use these to initiate a sale to get your commission.  

To be considered, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. On the upside, they offer training for those that don’t have any sales experience.  

Cali Bamboo doesn’t offer any retainers. However, you have the opportunity to earn uncapped commissions. You do this by ensuring you get renewals and sales.  

7. FlashBanc 

This is a financial services company that is designed to offer clients financial systems. These include credit card processing interfaces and POS systems.  

As a sales representative, you will be expected to research and contact potential customers. You are required to explain to them why updating their system is crucial to their business. Additionally, you have to tell them why they should use FlashBanc

They offer remote roles that are flexible. You need to create a schedule to decide when you are available to work.  

If you want to work for them, you need to have experience in customer service and sales. Additionally, you need the desire to learn about business-to-business sales. If you are experienced, you can get hired as a sales manager or sales consultant. 

8. The Hartford 

You can get hired as a remote call center agent at The Hartford. Remote workers are required to educate clients on the insurance options offered. If you have a high school diploma and a background in sales you get hired.  

For starters, you get a 12-week paid training session. The aim of the training is to get you certified for Property and Casualty Personal Lines.  

You receive incoming calls from potential clients and reach out to any leads. Unfortunately, they don’t hire in every state. Furthermore, you are required to have high-speed broadband internet.  

9. HSN 

The Home Shopping Network is designed to guide its clients through the ordering process. They hire work-from-home or remote sales agents to ensure their clients don’t have any issues with their orders. 

When you apply, you have the option of working either part-time or full-time. Unfortunately, you have to be in Florida to be hired.  

Once you get the job you help clients to confirm their orders. You also talk to them to deduce their shopping needs and advise them on the same.  

From the information they give you, you need to suggest other products they may enjoy or require. Finally, you need to accept their payment and confirm the delivery.  

10. Working Solutions 

This is not a company but a hiring bridge. Work Solutions connects companies in need of customer service and sales with work-from-home contractors.  

When you are applying, you are taken through a skills assessment. There are multiple layers to assess and determine your qualifications.  

Once you are approved, you will be connected with programs that match your interest, experience, and skills. You qualify for various programs and your work is determined by how many hours you want to work. Take note of certain specifications required for your home workstation for you to work with them. 

11. Nice inContact 

Nice inContact is a technology company that is B2B oriented. It’s successful due to its robust remote sales force. They are often looking for sales professionals with all levels of experience.  

This means if you are a beginner or experienced sales individual, you get to work with them. It’s a great option if you are looking for a company that will give you the opportunity for growth and development. 

As part of the Nice inContact sales team, there are duties you are required to perform including: 

  • Assist clients with their queries 
  • Help clients when they are renewing their contracts 
  • Identify any additional products a client may need 

12. Pearson 

Pearson is a company that is renowned for international learning. It offers an extensive range of services, products, tools, and content for learners and educators of all ages.  

Services and products include technology and content assessments and platforms. They also have edcational services like the PIHE (Pearson Institute of Higher Education). 

They recently posted remote sales jobs in the following positions: 

  • Associate Channel Special Market Sales Representative 
  • Courseware Sales Representative 

13. Twilio 

Twilio was founded in early 21st century as a PaaS (Platform as a Service). It’s a cloud communications company that offers consumers a way to receive and make texts and calls using web-based APIs.  

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It works by enabling phone, messaging, and VOIP services to be embedded into mobile, web, and desktop software. Some of their recent jobs that earn commission include: 

  • Contact Center Sales Specialist 
  • Manager for Strategic Growth Accounts  

14. Achieve Test Prep 

This is an award-winning organization that supports academics. It offers Test College and preparation in education consulting services to parents and adults of college-bound children. Some of the recent jobs they had included: 

  • Director of Sales 
  • Sales Representative 

15. Canonical 

This company offers various services to help institutions become more efficient in their operations. It also helps the same institutions reduce their overall running costs.  

Canonical uses the Ubuntu operating system. It created the system to offer consumers, engineering, and enterprises services that meet their needs. Some of the positions they have to include: 

  • Global Channel Sales Director 
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Sales Director 

16. Articulate 

It’s an e-learning software company. It develops online training apps intending to assist learners on an international level. The company’s core products include Articulate 360. Users can use it to create e-learning courses suited to their learning management systems.  

They also have another product known as Rise. It has been designed to manage, track, and create online learning. Some of the positions they have open often include: 

  • Sales Enablement Lead 
  • Rise Sales Support Specialist 

17. Elastic 

Elastic is a search company that develops SaaS (Software as a Service) and self-managed solutions. They do this to enable real-time scalable data to use for security, searching, logging, and analytics purposes.  

Founded in 2012, it was originally known as Elasticsearch. Its main aim is to ensure the power of search is leveraged to analyse and explore data differently. Recent vacant phone sales jobs from home positions were: 

  • Professional Services Sales Partner 
  • Senior SQL Manager for Sales Analytics and Insights 

18. CVS Health 

CVS is one of the leading healthcare providers of services and prescriptions. They have been known to fill more than one billion prescriptions each year.  

This means they provide in-store and online prescription services. The company offers a wide range of services and goods to millions of consumers daily. Some of the positions they often have open are: 

  • Telesales Representative 
  • Medicare Broker Sales Manager 

19. GitHub 

This is a social networking site, publishing service, and open-source code-hosting site for programmers. Services by the company include project management, code hosting, community management, quality documentation, and code review. 

  • Revenue Enablement lead 
  • Services Sales Representative 

20. GrubHub 

As a food delivery company, GrubHub hires sales representatives regularly. For this position, you are required to call restaurants and sign them up to use GrubHub’s platform. 

You can be hired as an inside sales representative. This requires you to discuss with restaurants the benefits of GrubHub. It also includes helping other business to sign up for an account with GrubHub. 

21. Dell 

One of the renowned companies that use work-at-home teams is Dell. Remote workers are essential to the management of their business operations. These include sales managers and representatives.  

If you prove your worth, you get to work in many remote positions. For example, you can work for Dell in a position that revolves around technology sales for individuals and businesses.  

22. Cruise.com 

When you work for Cruise, you get to sell vacation packages, cruises, and travel insurance. However, you need to have 2 years of experience.  

They require you to sell products for cruise lines according to their platform. People who have experience working in a call center are given priority for these jobs. To earn your base pay, you will make sales through emails and phone.  

Your performance determines how much you earn. The good news is they have a base pay. This means other tiered incentives and commission is based on performance.  

23. QVC 

People use QVC as their shopping center. They can get a wide range of leisure items and necessities.  

They work by integrating customer service and sales into your role. It means you have to help clients with their accounts remotely. Furthermore, you need to educate them about a product’s features.  

Lastly, you need to sell clients a wide variety of products. Usually, QVC hires people who are interested in full-time work.  

For this role, you need to commit to at least 40 hours per week. On the upside, there are some part-time roles available. 

24. Enterprise 

Commonly known as Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Enterprise hires sales agents remotely. For this position, you will work as a sales agent. You are required to book vehicle rental reservations. 

On a normal day, they handle approximately 100 calls. People calling have questions about car rentals and how to go about it. As an employee, you are required to suggest appropriate rental agreements. 

You also need to ensure you mention any add-ons that may suit a potential customer. Fortunately, the process is more of confirming a purchase than making a sale.  

25. American Express 

The majority of credit card companies have a remote sales workforce. American Express hires employees that want to work from home. As their employee, you are expected to sign up sales leads for new cards.  

You will also be required to provide support and get sales for new financial services and accounts. Additionally, you will be required to provide assistance with a client’s document interactions and accounts.  

The good news is you can work anywhere in the United States. Their remote positions include executive and managerial-level sales positions.  

26. Extended Presence 

One of the companies that offer customers outsourced tech sales services is Extended Presence. They call their employees inside sales associates. Their duties are to communicate with clients, offer other sales representatives appointments, and research prospects. 

Fortunately, you can work for them anywhere in the United States. To qualify, you need to have at least a year of experience in direct sales. On the upside, you get hourly pay and a commission plus bonuses.  

27. Nestle 

One of the largest bottled water companies in North America is Nestle. They hire remote sales representatives to communicate with interested clients about making purchases.  

As a home-based sales representative, you will be required to accept incoming calls from interested clients. You also need to talk to them about their orders and finally arrange for their delivery or pickup.  

The majority of these roles are full-time. You get a competitive base salary and a commission opportunity for meeting monthly goals. 

28. Liberty Mutual 

People who are interested in insurance sales should consider Liberty Mutual. The company offers an uncapped commission and competitive pay. They also provide a generous signing bonus for the majority of their phone sales jobs.  

Their remote jobs are available in 16 states where any qualified candidate can work. However, you need at least a year of experience in sales and customer service to work for them.  

Once you are approved, you get a 12-week paid onboarding, insurance licensing, and sales training.  

29. Sykes 

Any company that needs a large customer care provider uses Sykes. It ensures such companies get AI chat services, direct sales, digital marketing, and other tech tools.  

You get hired as a sales representative to offer on-demand sales support for their clients. Since it deals with companies, you will be working for the said companies to ensure their clients get assistance.  

Each role is entirely remote. On the downside, you need to live within a driving location of their physical office. The reason is that they provide you with specific equipment you will need to work remotely. 

30. PayJunction 

This company offers contactless payment processing. It also provides other transaction support for both retailers and merchants.  

Apart from having an in-house team, they also have remote sales representatives. As a phone sales employee, you will advertise their services while ensuring you offer basic customer support.  

Unfortunately, they need you to be in specific locations. People who live in Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, and California can work for PayJunction

31. Aon 

Home-based sales representatives at Aon sell the company’s suite of professional services. They include insurance, healthcare, and retirement offerings. You will communicate with brokers to connect customers and manage their accounts while ensuring they have products they need. 

You can apply as a sales manager or entry-level home-based sales representative. For sales managers, you require a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in sales.  

32. Oracle 

Oracle is a renowned software development company. It hires home-based sales consultants. If you get hired, you are expected to assist with customer support, software sales, and more.  

To manage each of their clients, they have multiple tiers of sales support. They range from complex sales strategy development to basic inbound sales calls. You can contact them for information on how to apply. 

33. LaunchBoom 

If you are looking for a career in anything crowd-funding-related, consider LaunchBoom. On acceptance, you’ll be required to identify leads and deals. As long as you get those related and able to help LaunchBoom you are good to go. 

For you to qualify, you need to have a minimum of two years of experience in a customer-facing role. Extra consideration is given to applicants with B2B sales experience.  

34. Live Ops 

This company deals with companies that are interested in hiring sales contractors that work remotely. Qualified professionals with at least a year of experience in customer service may apply. You also need to be capable of handling outgoing and incoming calls.  

The project you’re awarded determines your compensation. Some calls will be paid on a commission for closing sales while others pay by the minute.  

35. Zocdoc 

One of the largest companies that are an online marketplace and healthcare technology is Zocdoc. It helps consumers find affordable healthcare providers in an area within the United States.  

The company hires sales development representatives to work from home. The duties and responsibilities include accepting inbound calls. Incoming calls are usually from potential clients interested in registering with Zocdoc.  

When you are accepted, you will need to explain to these clients the benefits of signing up with Zocdoc. You are also required to create outbound calls to set up appointments with a sales executive.  

Others Online Commission Based Sales Jobs from Home  

If you didn’t find any home based sales opportunities that suit you from the companies above, check out the list below. Take note that these companies exclusively deal with phone sales jobs that you can do at home. 

All you need is to look at their openings and apply where you feel is best for you. 

The list of other companies is: 


There you have it- various companies that offer phone sales jobs. Keep in mind that the remuneration may not be as high as you imagined. The majority of these jobs pay anything between 10 and 20 dollars an hour.  

That means for five hours a day you can make $50 to $100. Some have a commission added depending on the company. It’s not much but it’s something.

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