25 High Paying Entry Level Jobs without A Degree

Securing a well-paying job without a degree can be tricky in the modern days. Many people have degrees, but the competition for jobs has also increased. However, you don’t have to lose hope, there are still entry level jobs you can secure without a degree and earn awesomely. 

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The high paying entry jobs without a degree require different forms of training and experience. Therefore, choosing one to jumpstart your career depends on your career goals, skills, willingness to learn, and the amount you are willing to be paid.  

The pay for these jobs also varies from one city to another or from one company to another. Therefore, you can look at the option where you will get paid the highest amount.  

This article provides some of the top entry level jobs you can do without a degree.  

Entry Level Jobs that Pay Well 

1. Storage, Transportation, and Distribution Manager  

You can do this entry-level job with just a high school diploma. It involves coordinating and planning product storage, distribution, and transportation. As a manager, you will direct these activities according to government rules and organizational policies. 

Some tasks you can perform include implementing and planning warehouse security, managing shipping, testing, receiving, and storing products. You also help in integrating logistics with business operations. 

2. Detective and Police Supervisors  

You can become a detective and police supervisor with a high school diploma. This job involves overseeing police officers and detectives. You will train and manage personnel to carry out police operations according to the law.  

As a police supervisor, you will also conduct job assessments and observations. You also provide expert investigative advice to the detectives.  

Also referred to as police chiefs or police captains, you will work with women and men in blue to give directions and oversight required for them to perform their tasks efficiently and safely.  

The prospects for police supervisors and detectives are very high. However, since no degree is required, you should be ready to face a lot of competition when applying for the job.  

3. Web Developer  

As a web developer, you will create and maintain websites. You don’t need a degree to work as a web developer, but you can earn awesomely if you have good skills and provide high-quality results.  

You will be involved in creating and maintaining websites. You will also be responsible for designing, layout, creating content for the websites, and creating and implementing web-based apps.  

You don’t require a college degree to work as a web developer. However, you should have skills in coding languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It’s also important you be able to work independently and be versatile because of the rapidly changing web technologies.  

You can work for businesses specializing in web development or be a self-employed web developer. Though the job pays well, you should also be ready to work long hours to meet deadlines and handle demanding clients.  

4. Commercial Diver  

You also don’t need a degree to work as a commercial driver. This job involves working on construction projects, inspecting bridges and pipelines, and performing research underwater. You can also get a career in the gas and oil television industries.  

Though you don’t need a college degree, you should complete a commercial diving program and hold a diving certification. Besides, you should also have great swimming skills.  

Working as a commercial diver is a financially rewarding job, but it is also dangerous and physically demanding. You will often work in hazardous and difficult conditions.  

You will earn more money if you specialize in offshore, saturation, HAZMAT, and nuclear diving. 

5. Power Plant Operator  

You can also work as a power plant operator if you don’t have a college degree. With a high school diploma or equivalent, you will earn good money in this career. However, some tasks may require additional experience and training.  

In this job, you will control and maintain machinery that generates electricity. You will also monitor the plant equipment to ensure it works efficiently and safely.  

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To attain a higher position in this field, you will start at lower ranks and work your way up. As a power plant operator, be ready to work in hazardous conditions and on shifts.  

6. Elevator Repairer and Installer 

This is another entry level job you can perform without a degree, but you should complete an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships take four years, during which you receive classroom instruction and on-the-job training. Once you finish your apprenticeship, you can work as a journeyman elevator repairer or installer.  

You will install, maintain, and repair escalators and elevators. You can work in various settings, including residential complexes, office buildings, and healthcare institutions.  

You can earn a high income and have good job security. However, you should note that the job is dangerous and physically demanding.  

7. Wind Turbine Service Technician  

As a wind turbine service technician, you will install, maintain and repair wind turbines. You can work in onshore farms and offshore platforms.  

To get this job, you should be ready to learn in a technical school and receive on-the-job training. The job is dangerous, and there are risks of injuries as you work on high structures.  

This job offers high earnings potential despite the low level entry requirements. With the increased demand for renewable energy, the prospects for this job are also high.  

If you get additional certifications in tower climbing, workplace safety, and self-rescue, you will find it easy to get job placements and get higher pay.  

8. Solar Energy Systems Installer 

Also known as photovoltaic installer, the job involves installing solar panels and maintaining them. You will work on businesses and homes, but you can also work on utility-scale projects.  

You need a high school diploma and other courses to learn more about solar energy theory and installation methods. However, much training is done on the job.  

Working as a solar energy system installer is physically demanding because you will work outdoors and in all weather conditions. It’s advisable to attain further training and provide high-quality work to become one of the top-paid solar systems installers.  

9. Police Officer 

As a police officer, you will protect and serve the public. Work duties include investigating crimes, responding to 911 calls, and patrolling assigned beats. You may also work in specialized units like k9 units, undercover operations, or SWAT teams.  

To be a police officer, you should be twenty-one years and above and possess a high school diploma. You will also be required to complete a police academy and on-the-job training program. To earn more, you will need to advance in ranks. 

10. Firefighter  

Working as a firefighter is another entry job that doesn’t require a degree. In this job, you will be involved in combating and extinguishing fires. You will also be tasked to respond to emergencies such as car accidents and medical calls. 

To work as a firefighter, you should be willing to work on twenty-four-hour shifts. Before you get accepted to work as a firefighter, you should complete fire academy training and get a firefighter certification. You can also opt to get certified as an emergency medical technician.  

This is a high risks job, but with the right training, you can work efficiently and safely. You can also perform side jobs such as working as an emergency technician or an instructor with your firefighting skills.  

11. Aircraft Mechanic and Service Technician  

This is another job you can do without a degree and earn high pay. You will inspect, maintain and repair aircraft. You can work on both commercial and private planes.  

You should possess a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications to get this job. In addition to this, you should complete a Federal Aviation Administration certificate program. You should understand electrical and mechanical systems. 

To work as a service technician, be ready to work in confined spaces such as inside an aircraft fuselage. To boost your pay as an aircraft technician, you can undertake more courses and get certification to work in more complex airplanes.  

12. Boilermaker 

As a boilermaker, you will be tasked with constructing, installing, maintaining, and repairing boilers and many other large vessels. You will also be working on pressure vessels such as reactors and tanks.  

You need to be physically strong to do this job because you will lift heavy items and work in awkward positions.  

To work as a boilermaker, you need to have a high school diploma, but you should also learn through apprenticeship programs that last four years. You can also boost your income by receiving additional training.  

Employers who pay the highest want to know that you can handle more extensive projects and provide high quality results. You can also look for a city where boilermakers earn more because the pay varies from one city to the other.  

13. Plumber  

You can also work as a plumber without a degree. In this job, you will repair, install and maintain fixtures such as water heaters, toilets, sinks, and pipes. You also work on sewer lines and drain systems. This is a prospective job because wherever there are fixtures and pipes, the services of a plumber will be needed. 

To work as a plumber, you will need to undertake an apprenticeship program that takes four to five years to finish. You can attend a vocational school to become certified or get a plumbing diploma.  

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You should be ready to work in cramped places and uncomfortable positions. You can also enhance your technical skills to get the trust and confidence of big companies and establishments.  

14. Electrician  

To work as an electrician, you also don’t need a degree. A high school diploma is enough for you to work in this job and earn high salary. You can boost your qualifications with technical training.  

However, you need to know that most states give licenses to electricians to be allowed to offer their services. To provide high quality electrical services, it’s also advisable to understand the National Electrical Code and theory.  

Like most other careers, you can perform side jobs such as instructing students in the electrical field to increase your income. You should also strive to handle more tasks to earn more.  

15. Real Estate Broker  

As a real estate broker, you will be involved in buying, selling, and renting properties on behalf of your clients. You will help people get perfect investment properties or homes.  

Most states require brokers to possess a high school diploma, complete real estate courses and pass some specific state administered exams.  

To succeed as a real estate broker, you should be good at building relationships and networking. You should also be willing to work long hours because most clients will like you to inspect and evaluate properties outside business hours.  

The more houses you sell, the more money you will earn in this career. It’s also advisable to master how to close deals quickly by creating quality relationships with your clients.  

16. Gambling Manager 

Working as a gambling manager is another highly rewarding career. As a gambling manager, you will oversee the operations of gambling establishments and casinos. You will ensure that all the games played are fair and customers are satisfied. 

You should possess a high school diploma to work as a gambling manager. You can also get hired by bigger gambling establishments and earn more by gaining more experience in the casino industry.  

As a gambling manager, you are required to make quick decisions and be able to manage a huge amount of money and people. You can also organize private games for the wealthy to earn more.  

17. Head Chef 

This is another job you can perform without a degree. You will manage the kitchen staff and other kitchen operations as a head chef. You will create menus, order the needed supplies and oversee meal preparation.  

You can learn the culinary arts through experience and become an established head chef. It’s important to have good organizational and leadership skills. In addition, you should also have a passion for food and be able to handle stress.  

To earn big bucks in this career, work on your skills and check for better opportunities. It’s also great to do private catering for weddings, parties, and anniversaries.  

18. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator  

You can work as a nuclear power reactor operator without a degree. But you should meet specific experience and training requirements set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It is also important that you pass a medical exam.  

You will be responsible for the efficient and safe operation of nuclear reactors as well as monitoring the equipment and ensureing that all the necessary safety measures are adhered to. 

To work effectively, you should be able to make quick decisions and be calm in high-pressure situations. Besides, you should renew the medicals, training certifications, and licenses.  

19. Blogger  

Blogging is another career you can start without a degree. In the job, you will be involved in posting content that could be everything from text to video to audio. You will earn money by advertising for other businesses or their products or services on your blog site.  

You can also earn money by selling your products online or through affiliate marketing. You will earn a certain percentage of the sale through affiliate marketing if someone buys something from the stores you advertise. 

You can also create your products, such as videos providing training on different subjects or ebooks. A company can also hire you to create blogs on their website. The amount you earn depends on the amount of traffic you get and the number of people who click the ads. 

20. Bookkeeper  

With skills in maths and understanding how to use spreadsheets, you can earn by becoming a bookkeeper. Working as a bookkeeper isn’t the same as working as an accountant. As a bookkeeper, you will be mostly involved in creating spreadsheets for accounts payable, creating and sending invoices. 

In addition, you should make sure that all the invoices are paid and develop reports depending on financial information received from clients.  

To work as a bookkeeper, you need a high school degree. However, you may also require training on the job to learn the specific rules used in bookkeeping in the company you are working for.  

21. Meal Delivery Driver  

Working as a delivery driver doesn’t require you to have a degree. You will work for restaurants to deliver orders to clients. 

You can also deliver groceries using Instacart. You earn more if you work on an hourly basis. You should have a high school qualification and a license to work in this position. 

In addition, you should be a good driver and master your routes well. 

Some employers may also conduct a background check when hiring to ensure you don’t have a criminal background.  

22. Medical Assistant  

As a medical assistant, you will perform clinical and administrative tasks for a doctor’s facility. Some of the tasks you perform include taking medical histories and scheduling appointments.  

Sometimes, you will help perform patient evaluations and assessments, but you won’t work independently with patients.  

You should complete a high school diploma to work as a medical assistant. You also require previous experience working in an office setting, but you can also work with your skills.  

23. Dental Hygienist  

Working as a dental hygienist involves examining patients for oral diseases and reporting findings to dentists. You will also create treatment plans, offer preventative care, and educate people on oral health.  

As a dental hygienist, you will work in dental offices, and with average age of the population rapidly increasing, the prospect for this job is high.  

You will need a high school education and some dentistry training to work in this job.  

24. Video Editor  

You can work as a video and film editor to manage aspects such as sound effects, camera footage, and graphics to create a film product or final video.  

You will use video editing software tools, have technical and creative skills and be able to communicate requirements to your customers.  

You can work as a video editor on a freelance basis or get employed by a company to help edit their videos. Working as a freelance video editor gives you more flexibility because you determine your working culture.  

When employed as a video editor, you can either get a per-edited view basis or a salary, but for both options, you can get good pay with high-quality work. 

25. Software Developer  

Working as a software developer involves implementing and improving software solutions for various uses. It’s a high demand job because most products and services, including web applications, database systems, cars, and airplanes require software developers.  

The job is ranked as one of the top paying, and the good thing is that you can do it without a degree. You will work in different environments, including educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and businesses. You can also work as an independent software developer consultant or freelancer.  

How to Succeed in the Quick Easy Careers 

Like in other careers, it’s also important to know the best ways you can succeed in these careers. Here are some tips to apply. 

  • Gain more training beyond your academic qualifications  
  • Provide high quality products or services to your clients or place of work 
  • Choose the right quick easy career by following your passion and strengths  
  • Determine ways to measure your success, especially when working in self employed careers  
  • Develop strong work ethics  
  • Stay positive  
  • Respect and anticipate what your employer needs 
  • Embrace learning  


From the article, you find many well paying entry level jobs you can work without a degree. Some jobs include software developer, bookkeeper, head chef, blogger, plumber, electrician, and others. You can start a great career and enjoy great pay with proper training and skills. 

Whichever job you want to do, it’s important to ensure that you can offer high-quality results. It’s also important to further your skills through training to boost your prospects in these jobs. 

With the dynamic workforce landscape, it is necessary to be adaptable and embrace new opportunities to experience career growth.  

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