Get Paid to Walk: 37 Apps & Tips for Paid Exercising

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Did you know that you could get paid to exercise?

It’s a legitimate thing, and it’s changing the way that people work to get healthy.

Whether you lift to gain strength or you take leisurely walks to get outside and stay in shape, you can make some money while doing it.

This guide is going to focus on ways you can get paid for walking, but many of them can also help you earn money for jogging, running, and participating in other healthy activities.

Apps That Pay You to Walk

The following apps help you get paid for walking in some form or another, whether it’s by paying straight cash or giving you rewards that you can turn in for prizes.

Either way, you’re getting paid to do something you love to do anyway.


Sweatcoin pays you to walk, plain and simple.

As you walk, it tracks your steps, and you’ll earn Sweatcoin, the app’s currency.

You can then redeem your rewards within the app.


Lifecoin is very similar to Sweatcoin in that it tracks your steps you take each day and turns them into points you can use for rewards.

The more you walk, the more you earn.

This app also has an ambassador program that you can join to earn more rewards when you tell your friends and family about it and they join.


Runtopia is not just a GPS for your phone, but it’s also an app that pays you to walk or run.

You do it through Runtopia’s Sport Coin, a program that pays you in virtual coins for staying active and healthy.

You can exchange your coins when you have enough for a reward or an offer within the app.


Achievement is an app that lets you connect your other health and fitness apps to it to pay you rewards when you stay active and complete healthy lifestyle tasks, like eating well.

You’ll get $10 in rewards for every 10,000 points you earn through completing tasks on your connected apps.

Choose from direct deposit or PayPal for your money or you can opt to have your payments go toward charity instead.

Charity Miles

If you don’t care to make a profit off your activities, you might consider downloading Charity Miles instead.

You’ll still earn while staying healthy and active, but what you earn will go to charities instead of your pocket.

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The app supports tons of awesome charities, like the March of Dimes, Habitat for Humanity, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

How does Charity Miles get the money to pay your charities?

Through sponsorships.

People can sponsor the app to encourage people like you to stay healthy and support charities.

PK Rewards

Complete fitness goals through PK Rewards and get paid for everything you do that leads to your overall fitness.

The app tracks any type of workout, and walking is considered one of the workouts you can do.

When you work out, you’ll get an effort score.

The higher your effort, the more coins you can make for your workout.

Redeem your coins for the prizes in the app.


StepBet is an app you can use to challenge yourself and others you want to work out with.

Create workout bets with goals you know you can crush.

When you reach your goals, you’ll be eligible to split the bet pot with other people in your challenge.


The name of this one might be a little odd, but it’s another app that’ll help you get fit by paying you and motivating you.

Run, job, or walk, and let the app track your workout schedule.

If you complete three sessions in a week, you can share the weekly prize.


MyWalgreens is an app for Walgreens members.

It used to be known as Balance Rewards, but it works similarly.

You can achieve your health and fitness goals as usual, and Walgreens will reward you when you do so.

Just track your healthy activities within the app and earn rewards toward future Walgreens purchases.


Yodo is kind of like a pedometer you can keep on your phone.

Use it like other step tracking apps to track what steps you take.

Then, as you complete fitness goals, you can earn cash and rewards.

There are no caps for rewards, so get as active as you’d like!


Carrot is an app that organizations can use to motivate the people within their organizations to get active.

So, you’ll need an employer or an organization to make this one work.

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Once you’re in, you can earn rewards for your healthy and active tasks you complete each day.

It might be a good one to bring up to your boss to implement within your place of work!

Fit For Bucks

However you want to walk and wherever you want to walk, Fit For Bucks can help you make money with your steps.

Your steps will count toward real rewards, like gift cards and offers to some of your favorite places.

Map My Fitness Apps

Map My Fitness creates a few different apps that can reward you with cash or points for prizes.

Look for Map My Walk and Map My Run in the App Store or on Google Play.


When you walk or run, you can get paid with Paidtogo.

The app gives you coins for participating in walks or runs, and you can earn more when you complete or win challenges.

Then, turn in your coins for $50, $100, or $150 in real cash.


Optimity pays you to hit your daily step goal.

You can also create challenges with people you know and take surveys or short quizzes to earn more.

Your rewards come in the form of “gems,” which you can redeem for real prizes.

Other Fun Ideas to Get Paid to Walk

You don’t have to just rely on apps to make you money for walking.

You can also turn to some of these ideas, which offer more unique ways to earn cash with every step you take.

Make Fitness Bets

First, let’s start out with fitness bet apps and sites, like Healthy Wage and DietBet.

This type of site has been gaining in popularity as it encourages people to lose weight and get healthy while earning the chance to make some money.

Healthy Wage is more of a bet-against-yourself type of thing, where you can set a fitness goal for yourself and win money if you reach it.

DietBet has similar features, but you can also use it to join fitness challenges with other people you know (or complete strangers).

Each challenge works a bit differently, but you can find out all the details before you join.

Become a Newspaper Delivery Person

As a newspaper delivery person, you can typically decide how you’d like to deliver your papers, as long as you can get to all your customers on time.

Check with your local newspaper company to see what its requirements are.

You could earn some decent pay while walking all over the neighborhood to deliver papers.

Join a Program Through Your Employer

Some employers have health and wellness programs for their employees to promote active and healthy lifestyles.

Some of these programs have fun and encouraging activities designed to motivate employees to keep moving, and they could end up with monetary prizes.

There are programs your employer can join, like EarthMiles, to give rewards to employees to remain consistent in their efforts.

If your employer doesn’t have a program like this set up, you might suggest starting one at your company.

Get a Job as a Postal Worker

Postal workers can sometimes walk door to door to deliver mail, especially in areas where homes and businesses are close together and mailboxes aren’t out by the road.

And, postal workers can make some decent money.

Check with your local post office to learn the requirements for jobs and whether you’d be allowed to walk for the majority of your shift instead of drive.

Become a Tour Guide

Tour guides do a lot of walking, so their whole job is about walking and getting paid for it.

Well, most of it anyway. You’d also need to know a lot about a town or a place in town to be able to be a tour guide for it.

Check with your local tourism agency to see if there’s a need for tour guides in your area and what you’d need to do to apply.

Use a Tasking App

Tasking apps are those that help you find tasks or gigs in your area to complete in exchange for money.

Many of these tasks are ones that would require you to go somewhere specific, like a store or car dealership, to complete them.

So, if you wanted to, you could walk there, as long as you could get your gig completed on time.

A few apps to get you started are:

Be a Delivery Person

There are several different delivery gig apps available that allow you to pick up work when you want or need it.

You can have a flexible schedule and make deliveries on your own time without picking up a part-time job.

Some of these places also let you walk to deliver items if you choose, so long as you can make it to the store and to your customer in a reasonable timeframe.

Try Instacart, DoorDash, Favor, Shipt, and Postmates to find these gigs.

Walk Dogs

What better way to make money as you walk than by walking dogs?

Rover and Wag! are two apps that let you do just that by helping you find people in need of dog walkers in your area.

You can sign up as a dog walker and wait for people to come to you when they need walks for their dogs.

You’ll earn cash the more you walk, and you get to hang out with some adorable pups while you do it.

It’s a win-win.

Take Walks with the Elderly

Some elderly people enjoy taking walks and getting outdoors, but they may not feel safe going by themselves.

In that case, you can assist them with their walks and get paid as their aide.

You might let elderly people in your neighborhood know that you’re available, or you can check with local nursing homes and senior care facilities to see if they might need your services on a contract basis.

Be a Door to Door Flyer Distributor

Check with local businesses to see if any of them would appreciate your help distributing flyers to people in your neighborhood.

They can pay you a fee to delivery a specific number of flyers or perhaps an hourly fee.

Walk door to door, get some exercise, and get paid for your work.

Pick Up Litter for Your Town

Your town or city might appreciate extra hands with picking up litter in the area.

You can check with your local parks department or town beautification office to offer this as a potential service.

Check Your Health Insurance Benefits

Some health insurance companies offer benefits to their members to encourage them to stay healthy and active in their every day lives.

Humana is one of them with its Go365 program.

The more you do to stay well, the more you get rewarded.

Earn rewards by working out, volunteering in your community, and attending preventative care visits, for example.

United Healthcare has a program called UnitedHealthcare Motion.

This program tracks your walking activities and gives you money toward your out of pocket medical expenses.

Other companies may have their own similar programs, which you can usually find out more about by contacting your company or looking in your benefits package.

Get Healthy, Get Paid

There’s no bigger benefit of walking for you than getting healthy.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to earn some rewards for all your hard work.

And that’s exactly what the tips above can do.

Walk, walk, walk, and earn, earn, earn with apps, websites, and jobs or gigs that get you moving and making money at the same time.

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