25 Best Sites That Let You Get Paid to Answer Questions from Home

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Do you have a gift for gab?

Or, do you have a lot of knowledge in specific subject areas (or, at least, very good research skills!)?

If the above apply to you, then you can potentially get paid to give advice online.

This can be a dream work from home job for people who love learning new things and helping others with their questions.

It’s possible to earn either a part-time or full-time income by answering questions online, depending on where you choose to work.

We’ve put together a list of spots where you can get paid to help people online.

Check them out below!

How to Earn Money Online Answering Questions

Online Survey Sites

The first way to get paid answering questions online is through survey sites.

These sites want to know your opinions on a variety of subjects, so you don’t necessarily need to be an “expert” in anything.

Just answer the questions in the survey using your honest opinions and get paid.

Although there are tons of these sites online, here are a few of our favorites that pay the best:

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1Q is part online survey site, part money-making app.

With this app, you’ll use your mobile device to answer text-based questions.

They’re like short, simple surveys where your answers will go toward market research for various companies.

You’ll get paid $0.50 per question you answer, and there’s no limit as to how many you can answer.

Your answers remain anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy.

1Q pays via PayPal, so make sure you have an account set up before getting started.


6Ya lets you help people over the phone with their questions, kind of like a customer service department, but in various areas of expertise instead.

If you have high-level knowledge of subject areas, you can become a 6Ya expert and make money with your phone.

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Each call is usually around five minutes, and you can work whenever you’re available, so it’s very flexible.

New experts can even get $100 just for signing up!

The application process is relatively quick and, when you’re approved, you can download the app and begin working.


Clarity is all about helping people in business learn more about what they need to become successful business owners.

There are a wide range of subjects to choose from here, from business financing to learning how to design advertising campaigns.

Askers are charged per-call for their time with an expert, and experts receive a portion of that money.

It’s free and quick to join as an expert, but you must be at least 18 years old.


Ether is an online expert website where people can sign up and ask questions about business, electronics, and more.

As an expert, Ether will assign you a phone number, so you’ll never need to give out your real number to members.

You can choose your hourly rate or charge by the minute – whatever works best for you.

And, you’re not obligated to work a specific schedule, so you can sign on and get started when you have time.

Ether also lets you make money in other ways in addition to phone calls with website downloads or for-sale email content.

Experts 123

Experts 123 is an online database full of questions and their answers from experts.

Some of the categories you’ll find here include:

  • Pets
  • Parenting
  • Cooking
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Entertainment

Instead of quickly answering questions, though, you’ll write articles that remain on the site.

According to some websites, the pay is around $20 per article, but there’s unfortunately not much information on the Experts 123 site itself.

However, you can sign up quickly and see for yourself how all of it works.


FixYa has over 20 million users who sign up to find out more about things they use and things they need help with.

You can become an expert to help them out.

There are several categories here, including tech, vacuum cleaners, and cars.

You’ll notice that almost all questions fall under home-related stuff, like “How can I fix this appliance?” or “How can I connect this camera to the internet?”.

So, you’ll need to be pretty savvy with technology to be successful here, or at least have a good idea of how stuff works.

Help Owl

Help Owl provides a fun way for experts to make money helping others.

Instead of actual cash, you’ll earn points for answering questions and doing other tasks, like submitting manuals or tutorials, or having your answers marked as helpful by others.

It’s kind of like a reward site, but for people who like to answer questions.

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You can turn in your points for prizes, like Amazon or Walmart gift cards.

Submitting manuals and submitting the first accepted answer to a question gives you the most points, but as long as you’re active on the site, you can rack up rewards.


Ingenio is a brand that covers a lot of sub-brands made to help people.

Most of the sub-brands help people seek relationship and life advice, but there are also psychic-related brands.

When the company has openings for any of its sub-brands, it sometimes listed them on the Careers page as well as the brand’s page, so the Ingenio website can be a good one to bookmark.


JustAnswer is one of the most well-known places to go when you need a pressing question answered.

It’s also one of the top places for experts to go to get paid online.

Some experts earn $1,000 or more, depending on the categories they’re experts in (some are worth a bit more than others because they require more education, such as doctors and lawyers).

The application takes about 30 minutes, but you’ll need to provide proof of your expertise.

If you’re applying to answer questions in animal behavior, for example, JustAnswer might ask for your college transcript to ensure that you have a degree in this field.

You can even earn a $50 Amazon gift card when you refer a new expert to the platform!


Keen is one of Ingenio’s brands, and it’s a good one for those with psychic abilities to join.

As an advisor, you can give psychic-guided advice to members.

It’s somewhat like a business in that you’ll have your own profile on the website and can choose the hours you want to work.

Keen also sets you up with resources that can help you grow your business.

You’ll also get a toll-free number to use to communicate with members, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting a hold of your real phone number.

Get paid on a pay-as-you-go basis and receive it via check, direct deposit, or Express Pay.


“Special Agents” on KGB sound fancy, but really, they’re just experts who answer questions via text message.

You can use your mobile phone to provide answers to quick questions people send to KGB, and you’re not stuck working a specific schedule.

You must be at least 18 years old.

Currently, the site is looking only for those in the Philippines, but you can check back to see if it opens up any other positions.

Although there’s no set schedule, you will need to work a 10-hour weekly commitment, and some of those hours will need to be during peak times.


LivePerson is all about helping businesses make customer service as easy and streamlined as possible.

One of the ways they do this is by using experts like you to communicate with their clients’ customers.

Depending on each client, you could work as a chat specialist or as a phone specialist.

Keep an eye on the Careers page to find open positions.


Maven connects experts, mostly in business categories, with people who need consultations.

You might answer questions via phone, tutorials, articles, chat, or other content forms.

Sometimes, Maven experts could even be selected to become part of a team working on large projects.

It all depends on current clients and their needs.

If you know of others who might be a good fit answering questions or asking them through Maven, you can also get paid a referral fee.


Formerly just StudentOfFortune, the NewStudentOfFortune site is similar, offering educational expertise to students.

Basically, you’ll be providing help with homework and other school-related stuff to students.

There’s not a lot of information on the site about becoming an expert here, but it does state that the staff consists of professional tutors, so it’s safe to say that current or former teachers might have the most luck getting on board.

Smallbiz Advice

Do you know your way around small businesses?

Then this is the place for you.

Advisors can sign up for free to provide expert business help to small business owners who are trying to launch a business or help it succeed.

You’ll bid on questions posted, and the buyer of the question will choose which bid to accept.

If yours is chosen, answer the question, and you can get paid bi-weekly.


Studypool is an on-demand homework helper, mostly for high school and college students.

You don’t need an education background or experience to become an expert here, but it does help to have a good amount of knowledge in at least a few areas.

You’ll bid on questions here, and students can select which one they want to go with.

If you’re chosen, you’ll answer the question and get your bid.

Some answers will be quick, while others might take longer, like explaining something in a tutorial, writing an essay, or editing a paper.

There’s no schedule you have to work with.

Just sign on the site and start working when you have time!


This site is a live online help site where experts can help answer questions around the clock.

You can do it through the website or the app, whichever you prefer.

Experts earn points for helping out, and every month, there’s a new points contest where top experts can win prizes.

It doesn’t look like there’s actual “pay” here, but you can still get rewarded for answering questions in your spare time if you’re active enough.


Wonder is a great place for you to get paid if you have research and writing skills and expert knowledge in at least one or two subjects.

The application is quick, but once you get approved initially, you’ll also need to complete a test assignment.

This is so Wonder can make sure you understand its rules, style guide, and requirements.

It also tests your research and writing skills, so there’s no faking going on here.

One issue with this site is that, once you accept an assignment, you’ll need to finish it within a specific amount of time.

Sometimes, that timeframe isn’t very long to research and write your response.

So, it’s not quite as flexible as other options.

Still, if you’re efficient enough, it’s possible to earn about $20 an hour here.


Yup is an online tutoring platform that encourages tutors to actually teach students instead of just giving them the answers.

You’ll provide answers to students’ questions, but in a way that helps them understand what they need to know.

When you apply, you’ll need to take a subject test just to be sure you’re qualified to answer questions in that subject area.

Yup forms a schedule for you that works with your needs, so it’s pretty flexible for people who want to work from home.

The company pays monthly with PayPal.

Sites That Let You Get Paid to Answer Questions from Home

Get paid to work from home answering questions!

It sounds like something you can only dream of, but it’s a real gig, and many remote workers are hopping on board.

Have you tried any of the sites we mentioned?

If so, let us know your experiences and tell us about any other paid-to-answer sites you’ve tried!

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