100+ Companies That Send Free Stickers to Fans by Request

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Stickers might have been one of the best toys in your childhood, but no one ever said they had to stay in your childhood.

You might still like stickers today, and that’s totally okay.

People use stickers to decorate their cars, laptops, backpacks, lockers, and walls with logos of their favorite companies or causes they support.

Want to know where to get free stickers just by asking for them?

The list below features more than 100 companies that give them away.

How to Get Free Stickers By Mail or Online

If you want free stickers, there’s usually something you need to do: send a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

A SASE, for short.

That’s because companies don’t want to be sending free stickers and paying for postage.

With a stamped envelope that’s already addressed to you, they’ll have everything they need to send you your stickers without additional cost and time for them.

Most of the companies on this list will have you fill out a form online and send along your SASE envelope, while some will just ask you to make the envelope and others just require the online form.

Just be sure to follow the instructions on each site to make sure you get your stickers.

When you send a SASE, send it inside another envelope addressed to the proper address, and you should get your stickers back within a few weeks, depending on the timeframe each company sends them out.

Now, onto the stickers!

Request Free Stickers from Clothing Companies

Love the clothing brands listed below?

Ask the companies for decals to put on whatever you want.


Chaco sells clothing for men, women, and kids, and you can get a pack of stickers when you add a pack to your cart.

Southern Fried Brands

This clothing company reportedly sends stickers if you ask for them through the online contact form.

Fruit of the Loom

Supposedly, you can get stickers if you contact Fruit of the Loom and say you want them.

Life Is Good

Fans say you can get stickers from Life Is Good by requesting them in the contact form.


Get some stickers from POW when you fill out the online form.

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Hytest Safety Footwear

Fill out this form to get free stickers from this footwear company.


Patagonia usually hands out free stickers to those who request them.

The program is temporarily closed, but you can check back later to see when it’s available.

The Lucky Knot

This clothing company hands out stickers by request when you fill out its online form.

The Pelican Coast Clothing Company

Choose between one of two stickers and fill out the online form to show off your love for this clothing company.


Cotopaxi only requires you to add your email address to its subscriber list to get a sticker.

Southern Girl Prep

This women’s clothing company gives out free stickers every time you place an order.

But if you haven’t ordered yet, you can add a sticker to your cart using the code listed on this page.

Southern Marsh

You can choose the sticker you want to request by filling out the form on the Southern Marsh website.


The popular shoe store will give everyone who requests one a free sticker when they fill out the form online.

Wild Hat Co.

The Wild Hat Co. gives everyone who signs up for its email newsletter a free logo sticker.


Visit a Zumies retail location or request your free stickers online.

If you’re getting them sent by mail, make sure you send in two envelopes and two stamps.

Southern Tide

Southern Tide requires you to send a SASE envelope when you request your free stickers as a fan of the company.

Over Under

Head to this page to learn how to get free stickers from Over Under, a clothing brand.

Make sure to follow instructions, as requests that don’t won’t be honored.

Next Adventure

This outdoor apparel and gear company occasionally opens up requests for stickers.

Although it’s currently closed, you can check back at another time to see if the form has opened back up.

Whimsical Wolf

Whimsical Wolf asks sticker requesters to fill out its online form or send a request by mail using its contact information.


Saucony gives out free stickers to those who fill out the form online to ask for them.


You can reportedly ask for stickers from Brooks by requesting them with the online form.

Vape Streetwear

Vape Streetwear sends a free randomly selected sticker pack to people who fill out a form.

Fayette Chill

Fayette Chill is a clothing company that gives stickers to fans who sign up for its email newsletter.

Ducks Unlimited

Share your duck hunting hobby with the world when you sign up for the Ducks Unlimited newsletter and get a decal.


Dickies sends stickers to its fans with every order, but you can also request them to come by mail with a SASE.

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Manai Design Company

Buy from Manai Design Company and get a free sticker pack with your order.

Get Stickers from Sporting Good Companies

The companies below offer sporting goods and outdoor equipment.

Show off your fan side by asking for stickers!

Hook and Tackle

Love this fishing gear company?

Let everyone know with some free stickers, which you can get by completing the form and sending your SASE envelope.

Boca Coast

Boca Coast asks that you like and follow its Facebook page before requesting your free company stickers.

West Coast Outdoorsman

Get stickers from this outdoorsy company by filling out the form if you’re located within the United States.

Madera Outdoor Company

Madera Outdoor Company gives stickers out quarterly to those who sign up for its fan Tribe.

Fringe Sport

Into weightlifting, conditioning, and other sporty activities?

Let Fringe Sports know you want some free stickers when you place an order, and they’ll send some your way.


Skatelite offers apparel and products for skate enthusiasts, including stuff to help them build skate ramps.

Fill out this form on Facebook and send a SASE envelope to get free stickers.

Almost Skateboards

Get some stickers from Almost Skateboards to customize your skateboard with!


Want some free fishing stickers?

AFTCO gives some free ones to those who request them. Be prepared to wait a few weeks to get them.


Backcountry apparently gets a lot of sticker requests, so the company sends them out quarterly to everyone who requested them during that quarter.

Fill out the form to get on the list.


CCS gives stickers by mail when someone sends a SASE envelope to the address on this site.


When you place an order with Muirskate, you’ll automatically get free stickers.

Otherwise, you can mail a SASE to get your sticker pack.


This outdoor gear company gives stickers to people who sign up for its email list.


The popular cooler and outdoor gear maker gives away free stickers with specific products, which you can learn about here.

There are also decals available for purchase.

Punisher Skateboards

Fill out the form on this site to get some decals from Punisher Skateboards.

Exalt Paintball

Exalt Paintball has a request form for stickers on its site.


Register yourself for the newsletter from FishTrack and you’ll get a sticker sent your way.

Hotbodies Racing

This site gives free decals. Just add them to your cart when you place your order.

Get Stickers from Food Companies

The following food companies will give you some stickers when you ask.


There’s not a dedicated sticker page on this website, but Coca-Cola has been known to give stickers to people who request them.


Pepsi reportedly gives out stickers to people who ask for them in the contact form.

5 Hour Energy

5 Hour Energy sometimes sends stickers to people who request them through the contact form.

Jack Links

Jack Links reportedly sends stickers if you contact them online.

Jerk Your Meat

Follow this company on social media channels and fill out the form to get stickers.


Annie’s makes yummy foods and treats, including some for special diets.

Show off your appreciation as a fan by requesting your favorite sticker.

Moose Tracks

Show your love for Moose Tracks ice cream by signing up to become a part of Moost Tracks Nation.

You’ll get a free sticker when you register.

Dr. Pepper

You can reportedly get some Dr. Pepper stickers by filling out the contact form.

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly might send you some stickers if you request them using the company contact information.

Places That Give Free Stickers

These tourist destinations and states will give free stickers to requesters.

Edisto Beach

If you’ve traveled to Edisto beach and loved it, you might want to request one of these stickers to put on your vehicle.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach will send you a decal when you give your information on the website.

Maine Agriculture

Let everyone know you support agriculture in Maine by requesting whatever stickers you want from this page.

California Clean Air Vehicle

If you have a vehicle that meets specific standards set by California for clean air vehicles, you can request a sticker.

Cherry Grove Beach

This popular destination gives out stickers by request.

Sayner-Star Lake

When you order a visitor’s guide to help you plan your trip to Sayner-Star Lake, you can get a bumper sticker for your car.

Miscellaneous Companies That Give Stickers

The following companies, charities, and organizations need some mentions, too, but they don’t fit cleanly into other categories.

Earth Can’t Wait

This organization gives free stickers to those that donate to support its cause.


Love sharks?

Grab one of these stickers and show it off!

Hupy and Abraham

This attorney office lets you get a free “Watch for motorcycles” bumper sticker when you fill out the form online.


Are you a fan of this radio station?

Get a free bumper sticker for your vehicle with the form!

San Diego Sticker

This decal company gives free stickers in its packages with any $10+ order.

Michigan Radio

Michigan Radio just requests that you add your information to its online form to get bumper stickers and window clings.

Google Pay

If you have a business that accepts Google Pay for payment, you can get stickers to let them know.


PETA sends free stickers for kids to parents who request them on the site.

Sticker You

This sticker-creating company sends out free sticker packs to people that request them online.

Close the Camps

If you have a desire to close immigration camps, then grab one of these stickers to support the cause.

MEDCO Sports Medicine

This company sells products related to sports medicine, which is why it allows athletic trainers to get a free sticker to show off pride for their job.

Y’all Means All

Ask for one of these stickers to put on your car’s bumper if you want to support LGBT rights.

TNT Fireworks

Sign up for the free TNT Fireworks membership club to get stickers.


You can reportedly ask for stickers from Michelin by adding your info to the contact form.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

This place has an online form to use to request a sticker.

Scrub Daddy

Get a whole sticker pack at no cost to you when you use Scrub Daddy’s request form.

Skip the Straw

This organization works to raise awareness about plastic straws and how they harm the environment.

Ask for a sticker here.

Together We Rise

Show your support for children in foster care systems by making a donation or sending a SASE to the organization to get two stickers.

Sinclair Oil

Sinclair Oil has a form to fill out if you want to request stickers.

Team Valvoline

Join Team Valvoline and you can get some free decals to add to whatever you want.

Wildlife Conservation Society

The WSC sends some stickers when you complete this form.

Apple Pay

Does your business accept Apple Pay as a payment method?

If so, let Apple Pay know, and they’ll send you a decal kit.


Let emergency workers know that you have a pet in your home in the event of an emergency with a free sticker from ASPCA.

Honeybee Gardens

Get some adorable stickers from this company, which ships anywhere within the continental US.

Simple Machine Designs

Simple Machine Designs is a web design company that gives some free stickers to its fans and clients.

Safe Clean Water Program

This program is devoted to getting safe, clean water to everyone.

Support the cause with a sticker.

Rails to Trails Conservancy

The Rails to Trails Conservancy asks those who want a sticker to fill out the survey with your opinions of its website.

Orange County Diesel

Display your love for Orange County Diesel with a free sticker.

Import Crate

You must have a show car or modified car to request free stickers from Import Crate.

Ranch House Designs

Get stickers from this web and logo design company.

New York Said

Get stickers to support this publication by requesting them with the online form.

Big Words

Follow the directions on this page to get free Big Words stickers.


Crayola reportedly sends out stickers if you contact the company to request them.

Other Ways to Get Free Stickers

There are still some other ways to get decals without paying a cent! Here they are:

Contact Companies Directly

You can always ask brands directly if they have stickers they’re willing to give you.

And many of them will probably bite.

After all, it’s free advertising for them when they do!

Look for contact information for the company or an online form you can fill out to ask for them.

Visit Retail Stores

If a brand you like has retail store locations, consider visiting them to ask if there are any free stickers for customers.

Some stores keep a few in stock to give to people who ask, but it’s best practice to order something first.

Follow Brands on Social Media

Keep an eye on your favorite companies’ social media pages because you just might find some opportunities to get stickers through giveaways.

Some brands also have a tab on their Facebook pages with a sign-up form for stickers.

Hang Out on Reddit

Reddit is an awesome place to find information out about almost anything, and where to get free stickers is one of them.

You can follow the r/FreeStickers subreddit first.

The people in the subreddit post when they find companies giving out stickers, so just follow it and stay up to date with all the places.

You can also follow r/Freebies, which is just a general place to find freebies.

But you can usually find free stickers here too.

Ask Local Travel Agencies

If you’re vacationing somewhere, you can check with local travel agencies or tourism boards to see if they have any bumper stickers or car decals for the destination.

There’s a good chance they do!

Ask Your Alma Mater

Want to put some school pride on your laptop or car?

Ask your college or university if you can have a free sticker.

Many of them have free swag packs for alumni, and stickers are often included.

Find Your Favorite Companies That Send Free Stickers


There are a lot of ways to get free stickers on this list!

Hopefully, with the help of the list and the additional tips for finding stickers, you’re never without ideas for how to go about getting laptop stickers, bumper stickers, and more.

Have fun collecting your stickers.

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