How to Find a Website Tester Job from Home: 25 Legitimate Companies Hiring 

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Are you a whiz at browsing the web? 

If you know your way around just about any website, then you could get paid to test websites for businesses. 

This gig helps businesses learn what they need to improve on their website to make it usable for everyone, which is why this task is sometimes called usability testing. 

As a website tester, you’ll play a significant role in making sure the websites you test are accessible for all – and you’ll get paid to do it! 

How Can I Get Paid to Test Websites? 

Testing websites is a different work at home opportunity than you might usually think of when you think of a work at home job. 

Still, it’s a real one, and it could make you a decent amount of income. 

A website test is something that some companies need help with to make sure their place on the web is working for its users. 

You act like a regular website user and report back any bugs or issues you find as well as positive feedback about things you really love. 

Businesses want to know exactly how everything is working for anyone, whether they use a mobile device or PC to access their site. 

In doing so, those businesses make sure their website is fully functional for everyone who wants to use it. 

Because you’re spending your time helping out these businesses, they pay you for your hard work. 

The companies usually go through a middleman company that matches them with website testers who can help, so you’ll usually get paid from the middleman company rather than the company you’re helping. 

How Does It Work? What Will I Do? 

As a website tester, you’ll sign up with the website testing company that matches you with its clients. 

You’ll do this by filling out a quick online form with your basic information and contact info. 

The company will then send emails to you when you have a new test available. 

For some companies, usability tests are few and far between; others might have a few for you each week. 

The website testing company will match you with opportunities based on your demographics, like your age and location, so make sure you fill out your profile completely when you sign up. 

Usually, companies that need a website tester will look for a specific demographic or people who use a specific type of device, so having this information in your profile will help you connect with them. 

Most companies will also have you complete a trial testing opportunity, too, before they have you become an official tester. 

When you have an opportunity you want to complete, click its link to start. 

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Most of these jobs work similarly. 

You’ll need to use a microphone as you browse a website so that you can speak your thoughts into it as you browse and scroll. 

Some tests will also have instructions for tasks to complete on the site, like putting products in a shopping cart or navigating to certain pages. 

Make sure you complete those tasks to finish the project successfully and get paid. 

What Do I Need to Start? 

If you’re interested in becoming a website tester, there are a few things you’ll need: 

  • A working internet connection 
  • An updated computer – desktop or laptop – with an updated operating system 
  • Headset with a microphone 

Otherwise, the requirements vary depending on the testing company and the client. 

Most companies require that you’re at least 18 years old to join. 

How Much Do Website Testers Make? 

The pay for website tests also varies with each company and job. 

In most cases, you can make between $10 and $20 for 10-20 minute tests, although some tests may take a bit longer. 

The key to earning with this type of job is to make yourself flexible and available. 

These jobs typically go pretty fast as people claim them, and there are only a few of each to go around. 

So, the quicker you can respond to your emails to pick up jobs, the more you can stand to make. 

25 Places to Find a Website Tester Job from Home 

The following companies are where you can find website testing jobs to do from the comfort of your home: 


This is one of the most popular companies for website testing work. 

You can apply on the website and take a quick test to determine whether you’re a good fit as a tester. 

Then match with opportunities that should take you about 20 minutes to complete and get paid $10 for them. 


Enroll is a testing company that lets you use either your mobile device or computer to take tests on, making it an excellent option to pick up tests while you’re on the go. 

You’ll get paid with PayPal for all completed jobs. 

Ping Pong 

Ping Pong is a usability testing company designed specifically to help startups get feedback for their sites and apps, so you might even be able to test out some apps for this company. 

Each test here takes a little longer than average – between 30 and 60 minutes – but you can make between £10 and £100 per test. 


Analysia provides user testing services to its clients, and it contracts with people like you who want to perform the tests. 

There’s currently no link to sign up as a tester here, but you can use the website contact form to inquire about how to join. is another testing community that pays for usability tests for websites and apps. 

Unlike other companies, though, you’ll get paid for bugs that you find while testing rather than a set rate for each test.   

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Make sure you include all the devices you can run tests from when you sign up, as is always looking for people to test from phones, tablets, computers, etc. 

IntelliZoom Panel 

This site has taken over a few other usability testing companies, like WhatUsersDo, so it’s grown quite a bit over the years. 

While IntelliZoom Panel isn’t just for website testing (there are also regular survey opportunities), that’s one of the things you can do here to make extra money. 

The studies take between 15 and 20 minutes to finish, and you’ll get paid with PayPal within 21 business days after you complete a test. 


You can sign up to become a tester for uTest for free. 

After that, you’ll need to complete somewhat of a training course to continue to paid jobs. 

The training includes everything you need to know to be a successful tester for the company’s clients. 

uTest pays twice monthly with Payoneer and PayPal. 


Tests with TryMyUI typically take about 20 minutes and pay $10 each. 

Unlike other companies that pay once or twice a month, you can expect weekly payments every Friday from this one through PayPal. 


Intuit is the company behind TurboTax, QuickBooks, and other popular software that makes handling money easier. 

You can become a tester for Intuit if you’re a small business owner, an accountant, or a self-employed worker, even if you don’t use any of the Intuit software. 

Intuit matches you with opportunities if you fit their needs for a tester to give them feedback or let them know about bugs. 

You’ll get paid for your time in the form of an electronic gift card. 


Get paid for each 15 to 20-minute test you complete with UserPeek. 

The company pays with PayPal within a few days after finishing up a test. 

You’ll need a PC or Mac for computer tests, or you can use your Android or Apple phone if you’re interested in mobile usability tests. 


Another popular option for the website testing crowd is Userlytics, which pays anywhere from $5 to $20 for most tests, while other higher-paying tests pay as much as $90. 

You need to be at least 16 years old to sign up and start taking tests. 

You’ll get paid with PayPal. 


Ferpection asks for your opinions on its clients’ mobile apps and web sites. 

You can use your phone or tablet to browse the sites, complete specific tasks, and finish each test. 

Once they’re approved by a moderator, you’ll get paid soon after. 


Checkealos is a site that works with people in Spain, the USA, the UK, and a few other countries to test the usability of sites and apps. 

You can get paid € 8 for each 15-minute test. 

You’ll also need a PayPal account to receive payments. 


UserFeel has 10-20 minute tests that pay $10 each. 

You’ll need to have a working microphone and be able to speak your thoughts clearly as you move through the test. 

Once your tests are approved, you can get paid within about a week with PayPal or Amazon gift cards. 

Tester Work 

Tester Work provides tests for companies like Google and Microsoft. 

Once you sign up, you’ll go through a short sample test to test out your skills. 

When you find a test you want to complete, you can accept it, complete it, and get paid. pays as much as $50 for its website tests, although you can expect to make closer to $10 for an average test. 

You’ll get all test offers sent to your email. 


BugFinders lets you test software to report any bugs that you find. 

You’ll get alerts to your email when new tests are available, and you’ll get paid with Payoneer or PayPal. 


UserCrowd pays you in coins when you complete a test. 

When you get 100 of them, you can turn them into PayPal cash. 


You can make up to € 50 an hour as a tester for TestingTime. 

When you match with a test, you can accept the project and complete it. 

Then, you’ll complete it over Skype with the client and get paid within 10 days. 


Respondent works with its clients to provide them with usability tests for their software, apps, websites, and more, and it looks for contractors to fulfill the needs of those tests. 

You can sign up for projects here


Sign up for MyCrowd, and you’ll be notified when there are new bug testing opportunities. 

Once you’re accepted into the site, you can become automatically eligible to start testing. 


Loop11 requires its testers to complete a quick 5-minute test to prove that you can do the job after they sign up. 

This company states that it pays its best-performing testers with bonuses for their hard work. 


Userbrain is one of the lower-paying sites on this list, but I’ve also heard that their tests don’t require as much as others. 

You’ll make $3 per test with PayPal, and they should take you about 15 minutes to complete. 

That’s still $12 an hour, which isn’t bad. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Find microtasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk. 

This place has all kinds of gigs you can complete, some of which are website or app tests where you can provide your feedback in exchange for payment. 

The money you make goes into your Amazon Payments account, and you can choose how you want to receive it from there. 


Upwork isn’t just for usability testing. 

Instead, it’s for freelancers of all kinds who are looking for short-term and long-term jobs. 

But you can find usability testing here for apps and websites by using the search function. 

Upwork has an escrow system for clients to keep money for projects while you complete them, and you can get your cash after the successful completion of the job. 

Start Working as a Website Tester at Home Today 

Website testing is just one of many gigs or jobs you can do from home, whether you want something to fill in some time or you’re looking for work that can turn into a full-time job. 

A lot of website testers love completing tests because they’re pretty quick, and they can complete them when they have extra time on their own schedule. 

The downside is that there usually aren’t a lot of tests available at any given time, so it’s not a job you should expect to make tons of money from. 

But if you just want extra pocket money, website testing could be a good choice for you. 

For more work at home job ideas, follow along with OnlineSurveysPaid for the latest updates. 

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