Earn Money with Your Blog: 15 Sites to Find the Best Paid Blogger Opportunities 

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Making money with your blog is something that takes time. 

You can’t expect to make a blog and have money coming in the next day (or even the next month, for that matter). 

But as you steadily grow your blog into something that can make money eventually, you may want to look into paid blogging networks as a potential income stream. 

These companies help match you with brands looking for influencers to promote them, giving you more time to create content instead of searching for brands to work with. 

If getting paid to create a new blog post sounds like something you’re interested in, then read on to learn more about the process. 

Sites to Find the Best Paid Blogger Opportunities 

The sites below are some of the best ones to find companies looking for bloggers who want to share about their products and services. 

These influencer networks can help match you with opportunities to get paid to blog! 


Acorn doesn’t seem to be as active for some bloggers as it is for others, but some bloggers do seem to have a lot of success here with matching with campaigns. 

You can sign up and connect your social media accounts to wait for active campaigns to come to you. 

Social Fabric 

Social Fabric is an excellent network to join if you’re a food blogger, although there are sometimes some other opportunities for beauty and lifestyle influencers, too. 

The opportunities here usually require you to visit a store in person to shop for something and then blog about your experience or the product on your site or social media channels. 

Many opportunities pay $500 and up, with some going over $1000. 

Of course, they’ll have a lot of requirements that usually involve several social media posts and, sometimes, two blog posts. 


Fohr helps match you with brand ambassador campaigns that fit your niche and interests. 

Brands can reach out to you directly after viewing your profile if they think you’re a good fit for their campaign. 

Fohr even creates a PDF press kit for you that you can display on your website or send to other people who might be interested in working with you. 

When you sign up, you’ll connect all your channels and finish your profile for brands to start to look for you. 

Warning: The application is a bit lengthy for this one, so it seems like it’s a bit picky about its influencers. 

The Motherhood 

The Motherhood is a social networking influencer agency that created The Mometer, its influencer network, for people who are influencers in the parenting space. 

The platform has worked with companies like Amazon, Neutrogena, and Walmart. 

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Get started with a simple application that will help The Motherhood learn more about you, your networks, and what you do. 


Linqia offers a different type of sponsored content platform than other influencer networks. 

Here, you’ll create content for a brand and place the brand’s link in your content. 

The link will have a unique tracking code that tracks back to you, so Linqia will know how many clicks you generated. 

The more clicks you get, the more you can earn, and you can place them in your blog or social media content.  

Your campaigns will include goals for target clicks and a maximum amount of clicks you can get based on your blog and social network influence. 


Sway is one of the most popular paid blogging networks in the industry, and it’s known for having well-paying campaigns. 

The company works with influencers in the US and Canada. 

Each campaign will have strict requirements and a detailed application to fill out, so make sure you’re hitting each part of the application when you apply. 

The Cirqle 

The Cirqle works with more than 500,000 influencers to connect them with brands in various industries. 

Creators can apply for free to have access to available campaigns. 


Pollinate Media Group has paid blogging opportunities through its Colony for bloggers. 

Bloggers who want to join must have had their blogs for at least six months, generate at least 20,000 page views per month, and live in the US or Canada. 

You must also be active on at least three social media platforms. 

Millennial Blogs 

Are you a millennial with a blog? 

If so, this place is for you. 

This network is dedicated to millennial bloggers who have wisdom to share with their audiences and typically create millennial-focused content. 

Millennial Blogs works with brands that want you to share with your audience on your blog and social media networks. 


SocialSpark is for Instagram influencers to connect with brands that are focused on Instagram as a sharing outlet for their campaigns. 

You’ll sign up for free and create a profile that helps you stand out to brands that are searching for people to help. 


Tapinfluence works mostly with brands in the food, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion niches. 

Once you sign up and complete your profile, you’ll be able to browse the opportunities to find ones you want to apply for. 


Clever features many opportunities at any given time to get paid with your blog through some of today’s top brands. 

Some opps will feature blog posts, while others are for social media channels only. 

You can sift through the ones available to you and apply only to those you find interesting.  

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AspireIQ works with tons of top brands, like HelloFresh and Palmer’s. 

You can work directly with brands that find you through the platform while negotiating your terms and rates. 

All payments are made with PayPal. 

She Media 

She Media is both an ad network and a paid blogging network. 

When you sign up, you’ll have access to all the tools the network offers so that you can decide how you want to make money. 

InfluenceHer Collective 

As the name suggests, this network looks for female influencers, specifically those who are Millennials or Gen Z. 

Sign up and keep your profile updated to be available for campaigns by your favorite brands. 


Activate was formerly known as Sverve, but it still operates just about the same. 

You can sign up for the network and browse active campaigns to apply to those that interest you. 

Some of them have set payments, while others will ask you for your expected compensation, so there’s a little wiggle room here with rates. 

Tips for Getting Approved for Paid Blogger Product Review Opportunities and Paid Post Opps 

Want to have the best chances of getting approved when you apply for blogger opportunities? 

Here are a few tips that will help: 

Create a Niche 

First up is creating a niche. 

Ask most professional bloggers, and they’ll tell you how important it is to have a niche that sets them apart from others who blog about similar stuff. 

For example, if you blog about home design, you might focus on a particular style, like contemporary designs. 

Or, if you’re a software blogger, you might focus on productivity software rather than all software. 

Picking a niche helps you narrow your topics and really pinpoint a specific area that you can showcase your expertise in. 

Plus, you’ll end up with an audience that’s also interested in that particular area of your industry, which can make your blog even more appealing to companies that want to work with you. 

Focus on Traffic and Engagement 

Next, you’ll want to work on increasing your blog traffic and your overall brand engagement. 

Most blog networks want to work with bloggers that get a specific number of visitors or page views to their blogs every month. 

Many networks have been steadily increasing their requirements for traffic because more brands want to see popular blogs, and traffic is one way to tell how popular a blog is. 

However, engagement is just as important – if not more so. 

Engagement is how much people interact with your content, whether on your blog or social media channels. 

Engaging content will have comments, likes, shares, etc., depending on the platform. 

When you have people interact with your posts, you’re showing that people find your content interesting enough to interact with. 

And, their engagement helps increase your visibility on most social networks, like Instagram and Facebook, which is good news for the brands you work with you also want to increase their brand awareness through you. 

The best way to get an increase in engagement of your content is to do the same for other bloggers in your industry. 

Find people to follow, comment and share their blog posts, and like and comment on their social media posts. 

Also, simply creating content that people want to engage with can give you an edge. 

Make Your Application Stand Out 

A few years ago, bloggers usually had to fill out a quick form with their blog details with a small blurb about why they were a good fit for a paid opportunity when they applied. 

Now, applications are lengthier and ask for more information. 

That’s because brands are expecting more. 

They no longer want to work with bloggers and influencers who don’t put in a lot of effort. 

Instead, they want to make sure they’re connecting with only the best people who can help spread the word about their products and services. 

The best way to do that is to ask for a lot of information on their applications that help them weed out the good matches from the rest. 

On many applications, you’ll need to give your blog analytics and social media data as well as answer why you feel you’re the best fit for the opportunity. 

You also might need to explain how you’ll complete the task. 

For example, you may need to explain what type of photos you’ll include in the post or how you’ll talk about a product in your blog post. 

Make sure you take the time to really dive into the application and make it stand out for the best chances of approval. 

Only Apply to Hyper Relevant Opportunities 

Applying for every opportunity you find might seem like a good idea. 

The more you try, the more you can get approved for, right? 

The problem is that you’ll just be wasting your time. 

Now more than ever, brands want to make sure they’re working only with influencers who are the very best fit for their company. 

So, being in the beauty space and applying for a tech opportunity probably isn’t the best move for you. 

Instead, focus your time on applying to paid opps that seem like they were actually made for you. 

Doing so will also ensure that your audience is getting content that makes sense for them. 

Keep Creating Non-Sponsored Content 

It’s super important not to forget about your audience that relies on you for information when you’re getting paid to blog. 

It’s exciting to get paid blogging opportunities, but your audience still expects you to give them real, non-sponsored information, too. 

And paid blogging networks will also expect it. 

Many of them don’t want to work with influencers who have more than half their content sponsored through paid blogging opportunities. 

Your authenticity can become compromised if this is the case. 

For every sponsored post, it’s a good rule of thumb to write two or three non-sponsored posts to keep your blog and social media channels as genuine as possible. 

Update Your Profile Regularly 

Keep your profile updated on whatever blog networks you choose to work with. 

It’s a good idea to check them each quarter, at least, just to make sure your networks are still connected properly and all your information is accurate. 

Blog networks put a lot of weight on your profile when they’re searching for the right influencers to match with a brand, so keeping your profile information accurate can ensure that you’re getting matched to the best campaigns for you. 

Start Earning Money with Your Blog 

Joining paid blogger networks can be one of the simplest ways to start making money with your blog because they connect you to brands that are looking for people like you. 

However, it still takes a lot of work to be one of the top contenders for blogging opps in these networks. 

Keep working on your social presence and fine-tuning your content strategies to stay appealing to brands looking for influencers. 

Looking for more ways to get paid to blog? 

Check out our guide to earning money with advertisements on your website.  

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