What Is the Highest Paying Plasma Donation Center Near Me?

You usually don’t get paid to make regular blood donations for blood drives.

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But donating blood plasma is a bit of a different situation that could net you some extra cash each month – as much as $500 or more, if you go to the right place!

If you need a little more money each month to pay the bills, then this could be the way to do it.

You don’t need to do anything other than head to your nearest donation center and sit back and relax while you have blood drawn.

When you’re done, you’ll get some easy money to work with.

Plus, you’ll get to help people in need of blood!

How to Donate Plasma for Money: What You Need to Know

You probably have a lot of questions about donating blood plasma, like “How much do you get for donating plasma?” and “How does the process work?”

Although the answers to these questions may differ depending on the center you choose, there are some general guidelines we can share with you that are pretty common for each donation center.

What Is Blood Plasma?

First, let’s talk a little more about what blood plasma is and how these donations differ from regular blood donations.

When you donate regular blood, you usually give about a pint of your blood.

This is whole blood that medical professionals can use in many different ways. They may even separate it into red blood cells, platelets, or white blood cells.

Plasma donations are different types of blood donations where just the plasma is taken out of the blood and other stuff – cells, platelets, etc. – go back into your body.

The process separates plasma from the blood to use for plasma products, which usually are therapies that can help people with chronic or life-threatening conditions.

Why Are Blood Plasma Donations Paid?

Blood plasma donations tend to be longer than regular blood donations and take more time for donors to go through health screenings required to be eligible.

Therefore, some donation centers pay for blood plasma.

While a regular blood donation may only take about 20 minutes, a plasma donation can take 1 ½ to 2 hours and may take even longer when you consider your initial health screenings.

Still, some centers do not pay for blood plasma donations even though the process is more involved.

That’s because some people believe that paying for these donations may end up harming the blood supply because people would no longer be doing it for the benefit helping others.

In that case, it’s possible that people with not-so-great blood continue to donate just to get paid.

Fortunately, many centers have strict guidelines in place that weed out bad donors from the good ones, and they’re willing to pay their good donors for their time.

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Blood Plasma Donation Requirements

The requirements to donate blood plasma vary between donation centers.

Generally, you can expect to have to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years old and not older than 65
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Have a valid photo ID
  • Be in good health overall
  • Not have had any piercings or tattoos within the past 12-18 months
  • Not have any known health conditions that transmit through blood (most donation centers will screen you for things like HIV and other viruses)

What to Know About the Donation Process

Most donation centers have strict processes that help them find the best potential donors for blood plasma.

You’ll need to bring along your photo ID and proof of residency to get started.

Once you fill out the initial paperwork, you’ll need to meet with a physician at the center to go over your medical history and be screened for any potential health conditions.

A screening may consist of questions, a urine test, and a blood test.

Once you pass the initial screening, you’ll be able to start donating, although some centers may take a couple of days to get results and let you know if you’re eligible.

The actual donation process requires you to sit down and have your blood drawn, much like a regular blood donation.

However, you’ll get hooked up to a machine for blood plasma donation.

The machine is what separates your blood plasma from other parts of your blood.

The center might give you some reading materials or music to listen to keep you comfortable while you donate.

After your donation, you may need to wait at the center for a few minutes to make sure you’re not feeling sick or lightheaded.

The center may provide you with a snack and drink before releasing you.

Expect to be there about two hours from start to finish.

How Much Does Blood Plasma Pay?

Again, the answer to this depends on the center.

Some donation centers pay you actual money – either in cash or on a prepaid card – for your donations, while others pay you in reward points for each donation, which could make your earnings a little different.

There are many centers that pay as much as $50 per donation and allow you to donate up to twice each week, depending on how you’re feeling and how much blood plasma they need.

At these centers, you can make $400 or more each month!

Other centers may only allow you one donation per week or month, which obviously will cut down your earnings.

And, no, you can’t go to multiple centers to donate blood plasma for more money.

Most centers are connected to each other and able to access a database that tells them who donates and when, so they’ll know if you’ve already donated to another place.

Where Can I Sell Plasma Near Me? What Is the Highest Paying Plasma Donation Center Near Me?

Google is a good place to find donation centers near you that pay for blood plasma, but there are also several donation centers that have many locations spread throughout the United States.

We’ve listed some of the top-paying blood plasma donation centers here for your convenience.

You can head to their websites to learn more about their processes, compensation plans, and locations.

B Positive – About $500/Month

The highest ranked on our list in terms of how much you can make each month is B Positive, a blood donation center in New Jersey.

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If you’re in NJ, you’re lucky, because this place can offer you $100 or more beyond what most other centers pay.

Of course, not all $500 a month that it talks about paying you is just from donating blood.

You can also make some money by referring other donors to the center, and these referrals are limited.

As a first-time donor, you’ll need to refer two more donors within 45 days to get the bonus, so this bonus is something you can only get once.

As for regular donations, you can expect to make closer to the $400 mark each month.

However, some people could still earn more than that – up to $580 just for donating blood plasma.

You can also become eligible for an extra $10 bonus each week if you donate twice between Monday and Sunday.

Find out more here.

CSL Plasma – Up to $400/Month

You’ll notice that CSL Plasma and several other blood plasma donation centers on this list offer up to $400 per month to donors.

That’s because they allow up to $50 payment for each donation and you can donate as much as twice each week.

With four weeks in most months, that totals $400.

CSL Plasma is one of the most popular places to donate blood plasma.

You’ll get your pay after each donation on a reloadable prepaid card.

You’ll also get rewards as part of the iGive Rewards program that pays you in points for your donations.

You can turn in those points for gift cards.

First-time donors may also be eligible for higher earnings for their first month, up to $700.

Find out more here.

ImmunoTek – Up to $400/Month

ImmunoTek has locations scattered across the Midwest and eastern part of the United States.

You’ll get your earnings for each donation loaded to a reusable prepaid card that you can use just like a debit card.

You need to be at least 18 years old to donate blood plasma here.

Find out more here.

Kedplasma – Up to $400/Month

Make up to $400 per month at Kedplasma, a donation center with locations in several states.

Each center has different compensation plans, so you’ll need to contact your nearest one for more details.

Most of them, however, allow you to receive rewards for donations and referral bonuses for bringing new donors to the center.

Find out more here.

Octapharma Plasma – Up to $400/Month

Another place that offers up to $400 per month for multiple donations is Octapharma Plasma, which also pays with a prepaid debit card.

Recurring donors are also eligible for a loyalty program that offers extra rewards and prizes.

Find out more here.

Interstate Blood Bank – Up to $400/Month

Interstate Blood Bank has multiple locations across Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and other states.

The center requires you to have a full health screening that includes getting your vitals and a quick blood sample.

You can get between $30 and $50 for your first donation, and each one after that will depend on the rules of your specific location.

Find out more here.

Biological Specialty Company – Up to $400/Month

You can donate up to twice per week for this donation center, earning as much as $400 per month.

Locations are available in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and California.

Find out more here.

BPL Plasma – Up to $300/Month

When you add up your donation fees, referral fees, and other rewards you can get for donating to BPL Plasma, you can expect to make as much as $300/month.

Contact your local center to learn more about its referral bonuses and additional donor rewards.

Find out more here.

BioLife – Up to $280/Month

BioLife is another favorite center that you may have heard about before.

You can expect to make about $20 for your first donation each week and as much as $50 for your second donation in the week, giving you up to $280 per month.

Like other places, you’ll get your payment on a prepaid debit card that the company reloads with each donation.

Find out more here.

GCAM Plasma – Up to $240/Month

Find a GCAM Plasma center near you in California, Washington, Texas, and a few other states.

The company allows you to make two donations per week for $25 to $30 each time.

Find out more here.

Grifols – About $200/Month

Make an extra $200 per month as a blood plasma donor for Grifols, which has tons of centers located across the United States.

Donors will get their compensation for each donation loaded onto a Grifols prepaid debit card.

Find out more here.

New York Blood Center – Pays in Reward Points

Like I mentioned before, not all plasma donation centers pay in cash.

Some pay in points instead.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because you can turn those points into cash and other rewards, so you’re still getting compensated.

New York Blood Center is one place that uses this model.

If you live in NY, you can find blood drives near you through this blood center, but you’ll only be allowed to donate plasma once ever 28 days.

Find out more here.

Vitalant – Pays in Reward Points

Another center that pays in rewards is Vitalant, which has 125 donation centers in the U.S.

You need to be at least 16 to donate and at least 110 pounds.

Find out more here.

Final Thoughts About Selling Blood Plasma

Remember that not all donation centers pay for blood plasma, so it’s a good idea to check with the center you’re considering before heading in to see what its policies are.

Each location of a donation center can also decide its own rates and payment process, so check specifically with the one you’re visiting to get all the information.

You might make an extra $50 or an extra $500 in a month from donating plasma.

Either way, it’s still more money than you had before, and you get it from helping out those who need blood plasma.

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