67 Companies That Pay $16 an Hour (or more) to Work from Home

Some companies do not require the physical presence of employees in physical offices. Employees can work from the comfort of their homes using a wide range of software and other technological approaches. You have a shot at finding a full-time online job paying $16+ an hour, from tech support and remote customer service to virtual care. 

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Some companies provide free training and personal computer so you can work remotely. Projects you can do from home include customer service, marketing, accounting and finance, writing, education, e-commerce, fashion designing, project management, graphic designing, etc. 

You do not need to own a business to make money. The jobs are legitimate, and you don’t have to worry about getting sucked into scams. 

This article will inform you about companies that pay 16 dollars an hour or more. 

Companies giving $16 an Hour Jobs 

1. American Express 

American Express currently hires representatives from selected U.S. states who work full-time. 

American Express is a credit card company offering virtual careers with lucrative pay. It is one of the top 20 companies offering remote jobs. 

They pay from 16 dollars an hour, but you may be qualified for a raise based on sales and work performance. 

2. Buffer 

Buffer is an app for social media whizzes to help organize their accounts through planned posts and engagements. 

The company has remote web developers, customer support, and programming positions. You could earn about $20 an hour as an employee, depending on your work.  

3. LeapForce 

In LEAPFORCE, you will be an independent contractor rather than an employee. You will be subjected to a screening process to ensure you know how to be a search evaluator. 

If awarded the contract, you will be paid 16 dollars an hour and get paid every week. 

Web and Software Design and Development Jobs that Pay 16 dollars an hour and more 

4. 10UP 

This company hires remote designers and other experts to work with clients. Employees in 10UP are given flexible schedules, allowance for equipment, retirement plan, etc. 

You can earn $50k+ a year, which is $20+ an hour.  

5. Art & Logic 

This software development company works with businesses in the U.S. and Canada. 

Employees of Art & Logic should also be from the U.S. and Canada and be able to work at least 30 hours a week. 

To work with Art & Logic, you have to pass a programming skill test, and you can earn $40 and more an hour, depending on the position. 

6. GitHub 

GitHub employs software engineers and developers to work remotely. 

Having a position in this company will earn you over $50,000 a year, with an amazing hourly rate. 

Website and Product Testing Companies that Pay 16 dollars an Hour (and more) 

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7. Testing Time 

In Testing Time, company members are recruited to take surveys, participate in focus groups, and complete interviews about products tested.  

Since your job will be performing tests, you will need a skype account. You can earn about $60 (€50) per test, which usually takes 30-90 minutes. 

8. User Testing 

This company pays testers $10 per 20-minute test, giving you about $30 per hour. 

In User Testing, you will test websites, then give feedback through a microphone while using the website. 

Writing, Editing, and Proofreading Companies that Pay $16+ an Hour to Work from Home 

9. American Journal Experts 

American Journal Experts has a spot for independent contract editors in different subjects. 

You will be editing and writing for non-native English speakers. 

You must have a graduate degree or be enrolled in a graduate program. Your skill will make you earn $20 per hour and more. 

10. Book in a Box 

This company helps people turn their stories into books. Book in a Box occasionally employs remote proofreaders, editors, and designers. 

These remote editors supposedly earn $40 or more an hour. 


CLEARVOICE is a good company for freelance writers to earn something. 

On this website, you can set your rates, and find opportunities for your per-word rate only. 

If you want to earn 16 dollars an hour and more, you can figure out your per-word rate by considering the number of words you can write per hour. 

12. Crawford Media Services 

Crawford Media Services employs Metadata Writers for different jobs related to video files. Their pay starts from $16 dollars an hour. 

13. KIBIN 

KIBIN is an academic essay editing service hiring editors. Your hourly rate will depend on how fast you edit and how much work you take. 

The more you work, the higher levels you will move. You will get better pay at higher levels. Most editors may earn an average of $20 an hour in KIBIN with regular work. 

Health Support, Customer Support, and IT 

14. Anthem 

This company has 300+ work-from-home jobs in customer service, business support, and data analysis and reporting categories. Anthem is a major player in the health insurance sector with 56,000 employees, making it an established employer. It also offers great employee benefits. 

Remote employees earn an average of 16 dollars an hour. Anthem also offers medical, vision, dental, and life insurance, and an employee stock purchase plan to all its employees. The salaries are reportedly competitive and vary by type and location. 

15. KellyConnect 

KellyConnect is an IT staffing agency. It has work-at-home tech support jobs that pay $16-$19 an hour.  

You must have good communication skills and at least six months of experience in customer service for a chance to work with KellyConnect. You do not require any tech support experience to work here. 

You will undergo paid training and be provided with the equipment needed to perform your job effectively. 

According to the advertisement, your job will be interacting with up to five customers using different media platforms, including outbound and inbound calls and inbound chats. Expect to help customers with various issues, including billing, troubleshooting, fraud management, solving common tech issues and helping users access their accounts and data. 

As mentioned, your pay will start at $16.50 an hour, but if you meet performance and attendance metrics within the first 60 days, you will receive an increment to $17.33 an hour. In addition, your salary can increase to $19.83 an hour if you prove that you can handle more advanced customer service issues. 

16. Wellthy Therapeutics 

Wellthy Therapeutics is a digital care company that hires remote care advisors. They pay employees 16 dollars an hour. All remote employees get paid training and a free Mac computer. 

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Unfortunately, this company does not hire remote workers from the states of Alaska, Maine, Hawaii, Nevada, Mississippi, New Mexico, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.  

To work in this company, you should have a high school diploma, stay in an eligible state, be good at working independently, and enjoy helping others. You should also be good at working with computers and possess simple knowledge of the healthcare industry. You might end up enjoying working as a virtual care advisor, helping the elderly and people with chronic medical conditions to manage their healthcare needs. 

Wellthy Therapeutics has quite a strict hiring process. It includes thorough screening, background checks, interviews, case studies, and reference checks. To become a care adviser, you must complete a 2-week boot camp and pass a certification exam. This company offers competitive pay and medical, dental, and vision coverage, among other benefits, to their virtual employees. 

17. Conduent 

Conduent is among the largest business process companies in the world. It hires remote customer experience associates. You do not need a college degree to work in this firm. The company has no state hiring restrictions.  

Online customer care associates make 16 dollars an hour. All remote employees are given the equipment they require to perform their job. The role of Conduent employees is to help people solve complex issues and give out solutions. The job requires one to manage a high number of customer service calls. So, you are required to have solid computer skills, type at least 25 words per minute, and have a GED or a high school diploma. 

Other skills required in this company include problem-solving skills and multi-tasking. You are also required to pass several short assessments during the application process and then complete a mandatory paid training program before they hire you. 

18. American Express 

American Express is based in New York City. This firm offers credit and financial services to businesses and individuals.  

American Express employs customer care professionals to work remotely to assist its members. Their hourly rate range from $16-$19. 

19. BlingABC 

BlingABC employs teachers to virtually work from home to teach international students English. You will make $21-$27 an hour. 

20. Boldly 

This is a virtual assistant company that used to be called Worldwide 101. Boldly hires Virtual Assistants, marketing specialists, legal assistants, project managers, and social media specialists. 

These positions are part-time, and employees work on weekdays during business hours. Their starting pay is $22 an hour. 

To be considered to work in Boldly, you have to be living in Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, or the United Kingdom. 

21. Bullhorn  

Bullhorn headquarters are in Massachusetts. This company specializes in job application software. Tech Support Analysts work from home to help customers with their software. Employees here earn 16 dollars an hour. 

22. Capital One 

Capital One is a company that offers banking and credit card services. It hires customer service reps who work from home and live within 100 miles of any workmate. Wages here start at 16 dollars an hour.  

23. Chegg Tutors 

Chegg Tutors is owned by the education tech company Chegg. They employ Online Tutors to teach middle and high school and college students. They also teach business professionals. To apply, you must have a university degree or be enrolled in a 4-year college. You should also have experience in teaching. Tutors will earn $20-$22 an hour. 

24. Cigna 

Cigna is a worldwide insurance company specializing in medical, dental, life, accident, and disability insurance. It hires work-at-home Customer Service Advocates and offers them 16 dollars an hour. 

25. Clutter 

Clutter provides pickup and storage services. They employ Customer Service Specialists from California, New York, Florida, Washington, Illinois, and Oregon to work from home. Employees starting salary is $20 an hour. 

26. GoodHire 

GoodHire is a company that specializes in background checks. They employ Customer Support Agents to work from home. They earn 16 dollars + an hour. 

27. Grow Financial 

This is a credit union found in the Southeastern U.S. Grow Financial hires remote Call Center Relationship Specialists to take calls from members. The company pays $16.64 per hour. 

28. Gusto 

This platform is for human resources and benefits businesses. Gusto hires Customer Care Advocates to work from home to assist users. Depending on experience, the pay starts from $19.24 per hour. 

29. Hay House 

Hay House is a publishing company that has been working since 1984. They employ work-at-home Customer Service Reps with a starting rate of $16 to $18 per hour. 

30. HelpDocs 

HelpDocs provides knowledge-based software. It enlists Customer Advocates to work at home to assist users, and they are paid from $25 to $30 every hour. 

31. Help Scout 

Help Scout is a company that specializes in customer service software and training. They recruit Customer Champions to work from home, helping clients with their products. They pay $20 each hour. 

32. Hiring Thing 

Hiring Thing specializes in recruiting and tracking software. They hire CSRs who earn $18 to $20 an hour to guide customers. 

33. Independence University 

Independence University is a non-profit online university with its headquarters in Utah. They recruit work-at-home Admission Consultants to help potential students seeking colleges to attend. Their pay starts from $21 an hour. 

34. KeyMe 

KeyMe is a coping and locksmith app that recruits Customer Experience Reps to assist clients with questions and billing problems. You will earn 16 dollars an hour on this app. 

35. Liberty Mutual 

Liberty Mutual is an insurance provider. It recruits CSRs who work at home in most states. It offers new Customer Service Reps $19 an hour. 

36. Lincoln Financial 

Lincoln Financial offers insurance and financial services. They enlist CSRs who earn 16 dollars an hour working at home. 

37. Magic Ears 

This online ESL teaching company hires independent contractors to teach English to learners from ages 4-12 through video conferencing. You should have a bachelor’s degree in any subject to work in Magic Ears. Tutors earn $22-$26 an hour. 

38. Magoosh  

Magoosh is based in Berkley, California, and was founded in 2009. It specializes in Online Test Preparation and hires online tutors to prep students. To have a shot at this company, you should have a bachelor’s degree and past experience. Tutors here earn $25-$27 per hour. 

39. Notarize 

Notarize is a notary platform that hires remote Customer Support Agents and pays them $20 an hour. 

40. Progressive 

Progressive is an insurance boat, RV, motorcycle, and car provider that employs work-at-home CSRs and Inbound Sales reps. These positions pay $16.25 to $20 an hour, depending on experience. 

41. Revolution Prep 

Revolution Prep specializes in academic test prep for learners. They recruit online tutors to teach students virtually. You should have a bachelor’s degree, and the pay starts at $20 an hour. 

42. Sendwave 

Sendwave is an app used for transferring money. Remote Call Center Reps in this company make $20+ an hour. 

43. Snappy Kraken 

Snappy Kraken provides an online marketing and advertising platform for financial advisors. They employ Member Success Specialists who earn $20 per hour to work from home. 

44. Stitch Fix 

Stitch Fix provides personal online styling services. They hire online stylists and pay them 16 dollars an hour. 

45. Telelanguage 

Telelanguage is a video interpreting and telephone services company that hires remote contractors for video interpreting and over-the-phone roles. Their employees are paid $17 an hour. 

46. The Hartford 

The Hartford is a U.S.-based insurance company hiring remote workers in various positions. Customer Service Reps make 16 dollars an hour. 

47. The Jackson Laboratory 

The Jackson Laboratory Company specializes in non-profit biochemical research. They hire CSR (Customer Service Representatives) to work from home. CSRs get $19 per hour. 

48. TutorMe 

This is an online on-demand tutoring platform employing online teachers. These tutors earn from $16 to $31 an hour. 

49. U-Haul 

U-Haul is a Storage and Moving Company found in Phoenix, Arizona. They employ remote Customer Service Agents who make 16 dollars an hour. 

50. Unum 

Unum is a Fortune 500 life and disability insurance company, and its headquarters are in Tennessee. They hire remote CSRs and pay them 16 dollars an hour. 

51. Whales English 

Whales English is an ESL platform from China that employs remote teachers with a certificate in language teaching and at least a year’s experience tutoring kids. Tutors earn $18 in a 50-minute class. 

52. Whoop 

Whoop is a wearable fitness and membership firm that employs work-from-home Member Service Reps for all their shifts. These reps earn $18+ an hour. 

53. Zebra English 

Zebra English is an online ESL program from China. Teachers will teach from home and earn $16-$24 an hour. 

$17 an Hour Jobs 

54. Equivity 

Equivity is among the top virtual assistant companies in the U.S. It is based in California and San Francisco. Remote Virtual assistants earn $17+ an hour. 

55. Farmstead App 

This company provides food delivery services for locally produced groceries. Farmstead hires remote Customer Happiness Reps and pays them $17 an hour. 

56. Flowspace 

Flowspace provides shipping and storage services. It hires remote Customer Success Coordinators that earn $17 an hour. 

57. Patagonia 

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing retailer hiring work-at-home Customer Experience Representatives in some states to facilitate their customers. These employees are paid $17 an hour as their starting salary. 

58. Manulife Financial 

This is a Canadian-based financial service hiring stay-at-home Customer Care Associates to help their customers. Manulife Financial offers employees $17+ an hour. 

59. PhoneBurner 

PhoneBurner is a lead generation software company with its headquarters in California.  

The company hires CSFs to work from home. They are paid between $17 and $20 an hour. 

Jobs Making $18 per Hour 

60. Agent Pronto 

This real estate app hires Client Specialists to work at home. Employees assist sellers, buyers, and agents. Their hourly rate starts at $18. 

61. ESLStarter 

This company offers in-person and online English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. ESL teachers in ESLStarter earn $18 per hour. 

62. First Future 

This is an online teaching platform in China. You must have a bachelor’s degree, be proficient in English, and have a language teaching certificate, which includes TEFL, CELTA, or TESOL, to work as an online ESL tutor. First Future pays $18 an hour. 

63. Grailed 

Grailed is an online marketplace that sometimes hires Customer Experience Associates to work at home. It pays them $18 an hour.

64. Ipsy 

Ipsy specializes in subscription beauty goods, and hires Customer Care Reps who work from home. Their income ranges from $16 to $18 an hour. 

65. Level2 

This is an online diabetes health monitoring app that recruits Customer Service Agents to work at home to help users. Level2 offers rates of $18 an hour. 

66. Cognia 

This is a global non-profit organization that serves education providers and institutions. Cognia hires work-from-home assessment scorers. Their job is to read, evaluate, and score standardized student tests. 

This work is among the jobs making $18 an hour, and does not have state hiring restrictions. 

However, these remote assessment scorers should have a bachelor’s degree and two college courses in the subjects they are scoring. 

Although Cognia hires assessment scorers on a project basis, you might land on multiple projects throughout an academic year. When doing this job, you must follow the set scoring instructions and guidelines when scoring student responses.  

67. Eleos Technologies 

This is a tech company that hires work-at-home Customer Support Analysts. The positions are W2, and they earn $18 an hour. 


It is great to work from home, but if you are not paid enough to make up for your current job, it will be worthless. If you are an independent contractor for a company, keep in mind that you will be liable for your taxes, which may lower your hourly rate. 

If any companies listed in this article hires you, work the same way you do any other job. This makes it easier to calculate your hourly rate. 

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